Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Which MC Ruled The O8?

The Insyder Blog has launched the poll of the year. We’re asking peeps hitting our blogsite to vote for the MC’s they think rocked 2008. MC’s who redefined Hip Hop and wrote a new chapter to this so called rap game. It was hard to come up with the list, but the Music Editors here at The Insyder (after a lot of arguing, cussin’ and near fist fights) whittled down the list to the following 10 MC’. They are not in any order, that's up to you to decide
  • T.I.
  • Plies
  • Young Jeezy
  • Kanye West
  • Jay Z
  • Lil' Wayne
  • Big Boi
  • Nas
  • The Roots
  • Andre 3000

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Teeniez Prefer To Connect Online Via Mo’Phones

Without a doubt, irrespective of Hon. Ongeri’s directive, cell phones are the most popular gadgets for teeniez. According to a new study from Youth Dynamix Research, teens don't just want a mo’phone. They want a celly that’s connected. Text messaging, web-based applications, photo sharing and social networking are among the favourites for teeniez.
What other things do teeniez want with their mo’phones?
Being able to quickly connect with friends (71%) and family (63%) were the top reasons teeniez are using their celly’s. Other popular reasons why teeniez are using mo’phonez are (in order of popularity and use):
Text messaging (SMS) 72%
Calling Friends 71%
Calling Family 64%
Taking photos (63%)
Downloading ring tones (56%)
Picture messaging (MMS) [51%]
Playing games (51%)
Surfing the internet (22%)
Teeniez also expressed their frustration about getting mobile phone connectivity and a whopping 78% confessed that they are always on the look out for more effective and reliable connectivity. Teeniez also said they wanted to have the ability to surf the Internet or download music via their mobiles and 14% wanted to be able to own a mo’phone that has 3G technology to facilitate easier surfing.
So what is the main reason you use your mobile phone? Whatever reason it is, make sure to check out our mobile site:


Why MP's Should NOT Pay Tax

Our MP's are a reflection of our society. Your MP is a reflection of you. You vote for an MP because he/she is vocal, visible and literally 'in your face.' You vote for an MP because he/she makes a lot of noise; noise that resonates 'positively' with you. Or perhaps you are one of those people who vote for an MP because he addresses the 'issues' - through full page newspaper ads, billboards, radio commercials and TV ads.In essence, what you are really voting for is an individual with the resources to market himself. You are voting for someone with the money to tell the world, "look at me, I have a lot of money. Take me to parliament and I'm gonna continue making more money thanks to you!"Have you ever, for one second, considered the developmental input of a candidate before casting your vote? Remove all the newspaper stories, the TV clips and the radio interviews, and look at this candidate from a constituency-level perspective. Does this individual have a track record of actively participating in constituency level development at a grassroots level? Am not talking about going to donate money to fund the digging of a borehole. Anyone can do that! Ask yourself; does this person actually sit down with community leaders, stakeholders and constituency's private sector to identify critical challenges (not issues-issues aren't tangible, and they are simply just talk!) that need to be addressed and map out a plan on how your constituency can meet these challenges? I mean, really engage the community, its leaders, local government and the private sector at a grassroots level to actually come up with homegrown solutions?And if this candidate actually engages the community to seek for solutions to the challenges your constituency faces from the grassroots up; does he have a track record? Is he consistent in such endeavours? Is he dedicated to the cause? Is he passionately involved in improving the lives of the community? Is it his calling?
Note my emphasis; consistency and unwavering dedication to meeting the challenges his constituents face everyday.If this person, this candidate as it were, is engulfed with the spirit to meet these challenges, I hardly doubt if MP's paying taxes will be an issue to him. He will be focussed on what his passion has always been.
Do you ever consider such candidates? Do such candidates even exist?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What Was Mr Vegas On?

For the few of you who didn’t attend the Generation Jipange (which evolved into G-Pange all in one day) concert/launch last Saturday, you probably missed being part of the largest music concert gathering in the history of the Kenyan entertainment scene. According to my calculations, there were kitu 65 thousand peeps up in there.
I won’t use this platform to talk about the performances coz the entire launch was aired live on NTV (big up to 'em on that one), but I have to mention that JuaCali still rox more than any other artist in Kenya! So much so, that Mr. Vegas was actually his curtain raiser. Though I also have to big up the organizers of the event for managing such a mammoth crowd of youth.
Anywayz; so after a couple of sizzling hot performances, the Show Stopper, the dapper rapper from Jamaica, Mr. Vegas, checked in on stage at exactly 4:30pm. In true Jamaican dancehall performance style he upped the ante and teased us (the crowd) with an energetic intro. And then he completely lost the plot.
Five minutes into his show Mr. Vegas looked like a puppy that had been abandoned by its mum. He couldn’t connect with the crowd. He tried to play hit after hit, but simply couldn’t get the crowd on its feet. And when he did play a song the crowd got warmed up to, he cut it off! He literally ‘killed us with it then.’ Our heads were held low with disappointment by this rude Jamaican bwoy’s performance.
What cut? I think Mr. Vegas wasn’t briefed that Kenyan’s are not a dancehall crowd per se, but more inclined towards Reggae. He also didn’t understand that Kenyans like artists to perform songs as they sound, as one teenie put it, “on the CD.” He kinda discovered that when he challenged the crowd about their Reggae knowledge, by asking them to sing along to I Wayne's monster hit ‘Can’t Satisfy Her’ - to which they responded to the chorus in sonorous unison. Vegas was awed and at the same time confused by this response. It dawned on him that this was a diehard Reggae crowd, and he was a studio dancehall artist. He had to think fast. His solution? Sing reggae songs. And attempt to sing he did; even if it was not his own composition. In fact, he didn’t take any chances; he belted out Bob Marley tunes with more fervour than Ziggy. This blogger had the opportunity of meeting the dancehall great Sean Paul later on that evening and raised the issue of Mr. Vegas’ performance. According to Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas suffered from a severe ‘fever’ earlier this year and that could’ve affected him somewhat. Sean Paul declined to divulge details as exactly what he meant by fever.
At the end, it was left to JuaCali to save the day after Mr. Vegas left the stage still confused, not sure why he couldn’t connect with the Kenyan crowd.

What’s G-Pange All About?
is a re-awakening of the Kenyan youth by tackling real issues that affect their lives. G-Pange is defined by 5 key pillars, or the 5 Geez:
1. G-fahamishe: Every day presents different opportunities. Be aware of what is happening around you, look for the opportunities, learn from your mistakes and live every day to the fullest.
2. G-Amini: Believe in yourself. You are the master of your own destiny. You have the power to change your life today. With faith in yourself, you can move mountains.
3. G-Inue: Focus on your strengths. Remember we are all different and there’s a perfect place in this world for every one of us to succeed. The best football team is not made of strikers alone.
4. G-Jue Hali Yako: Always knowing your HIV status, (and your partner too!) will help you plan for a better future. Whatever your status, you’ll be empowered to make smart choices to stay healthy.
5. G-Tafutie Skillz: Whichever career you choose in life, remember to continuously improve your skills. The time you put into developing your skills will always pay off in the long run.

Friday, December 05, 2008

AquaQueen Ajulu Splashes Africa

In 2006, she was the youngest competitor at the FINA World Swimming Championships. The same year, she became the youngest ever swimming entrant at the 8th African Swimming Championships. In April this year, she swam the 50m breaststroke in 32.22 at the FINA World Championships - the fastest in the world in her age-group. Later on in August she became Kenya’s youngest ever Olympiad at the Beijing Olympics, representing our great nation in the swimming pool. Then this week, at the Africa Swimming Championships, she just did what Kenyan’s do best – run ish! She became Kenya’s first ever female medallist at any major international swimming competition! And she did it fwice (my new English word for ‘Four Times’)!!! winning gold in both the 50m & 100m breaststroke, bronze in the 100m freestyle and together with Pina Ercolano, Rachita Shah and Sylvia Brunlehner, another bronze in the 400m relay.

Meet Achieng’ Ajulu-Bushnell; born March 20th, 1994 (do the math). She stands at only 5ft 4in and weighs 52 kilos. Remarkably, Achieng (Aqua Ace) Ajulu's birth date is also the World Water Day! WT*...?!
AquaAce is ranked 54th in the world in the 50m breaststroke with a time of 32.22, which is also a Kenyan record. The Junior World Record is 32.05 held by China’s Qun Wang (who is 4 years older than AquaAce, by the way), is well within her sights. Watch out for a great rivalry between the two swimmers at the 2012 Olympics.

By completing a 50m and 100m breaststroke double, AA is hot on the heels of Africa’s greatest female swimmer-Penny Heyns. Penelope "Penny" Heyns is best known for being the only woman in the history of the Olympic Games to have won both the 100m and 200m breaststroke events - at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Achieng’ Ajulu Bushell – gunning to rewrite the remarkable tales of female African swimmers at the 2012 London Olympic Games. She’ll just have turned 18.
Coming from a country that gave rise to the 'audacity of hope' - you can bet your life savings that AA CAN and very possibly WILL be Africa's greatest female swimmer.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nightmares of a White Christmas

What, with our man BO becoming US president and Will Smith playing the first black 007 secret agent, I feel that in this day and age, Christmas is still too European (or British, to be more precise). That's over 40 years into our post-colonial history.
There are elements about Christmas that have absolutely nothing to do with the occasion. In case you forgot, Christmas is the time when people of the Christian faith celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Now, tell me, what has this occasion got to do with;
A potbellied, bearded white man, who likes hanging around children, giving them gifts?…I swear, if the dude was black, then bleached himself to look white, lost about 90 kilos, he’d kinda be Michael Jackson.
The concept of Santa Claus is cool; what really ticks me off is when you see shopping malls (and even residential homes) bringing to life the Christmas theme using artificial snow! SNOW! What? The only snow I’ve ever seen is atop Mt. Kenya, and the last time I checked, Jesus was born in a horse shed somewhere in the Middle East! The Middle East is a vast, sandy and harsh land and the only snow they have is made by machines in Dubai.
My problem is that we continue looking at this religious holiday from a British perspective. Can we put on our African glasses and get a reality check on life, please!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It’s Time For Our Revolution

You know am really growing restless about everyone complaining about our MP’s refusal to have their allowances taxed (yawn)…I mean, if politicians taxed with the ‘burden’ of enacting laws don’t want their benefits taxed, what you gonna do bout it? Or in the words of the now famous super MC, Super DJ, super Producer, “Mta do warrr?
One trait that really exacerbates me about the citizens of this nation is our lip service expertise. We simply love to talk. We don’t do ish, we just jibber jabber, jabber jibber. And even when we act on our lip service, we have to be incited by the very same politicians who we are so angry about! Damn! Politicians have learnt how to play us like marionettes. We can’t act on our own without them.
We can talk all we want. We can voice our anger at these greedy politicians at the top of our lungs. But if we don’t do something about it, things ain’t never gonna change! The politicians are going to keep getting away with murder, and we’re going to keep being manipulated by them every 5 years.
It was American president and inventor Thomas Jefferson who once said, “Every generation needs a new revolution…” At this moment in our nation’s history, no statement is more profound
As a rule of thumb, historians usually measure a generation as 30 years. Look at these historical facts about the 'Change Generations' of this great nation;
1950s: After about half a century of colonialism, the youth of that generation put actions to words. Using politics, pangas and pistols, they did something to ensure the evil British rule was brought to an end. In about a decade Kenya was a free nation
1980s: Independence brought with it a new kind of tyranny – dictatorship and misuse of power. The youth of the 80’s didn’t just complain about the oppression, they sacrificed everything to put an end to this tyranny. By 1992, Kenya was a multi party democracy
2010s: Last year, these selfish politicians took us to the brink of civil war. That was 2007. In less than 2 years, the revolution that our generation will be remembered by should be well underway. The spark that will light this flame is within each one of us. It engulfs us everyday. It pricks our soul every time we choke with anger at the selfish ways of these politicians. It’s up to us to release this spark. It is our duty to link this spark to those of millions of youth across this nation great nation. Its time for these sparks to fuse and engulf into one great, unstoppable inferno. It is time for this generation to stand up and stake their claim in history. It's time for Kenya's 3rd Revolution.

So, let’s all stop talking, let’s get to acting. I promise you, as history is the greatest teacher on earth, by the 2020s – the actions of our generation, we will have changed this nation forever! And if we don't take any actions now, history will judge us harshly.
To end this jibber jabber, I find that the words of Bob Marley's 'Revolution' anthem couldn't have painted a more explicit picture of our current scenario:
Never make a politician grant you a favour;
They will always want to control you forever,
So if a fire make it burn
And if a blood make ya run
Rasta de 'pon top, can't you see?
So you can't predict the flop

How To Start A Revolution by Henry David Thoreau
Want some pointers of how this generation can start spreading the revolution spark? Click on the link below...

Monday, November 24, 2008

How Wahu Can Become Africa's Next Pop Queen

If you believe in miracles, then Wahu winning the Best Female Award at the recent MTV Africa (MAMA) Awards rates up there…close to walking on water, from where am sitting. Quite honestly, I sincerely didn't think she had a chance against Naija songstress Asa. And from her reaction after being announced the winner of the award; so did she.
If you’re an avid watcher of Pan African music shows, a la MTV Base and Channel O, you’ll have noticed that Asa has cut a niche for herself as someone akin to our continent’s very own Erykah Badu. Based in Paris, Asa has opened for superstar acts like John Legend, Snoop Dogg and Akon. Her hit song, ‘Mr. Jailer’ has been a cross border sensation, causing ripples from Abuja to Cape Town.
These are the facts that might’ve been going through Wahu’s head the moment she got the MAMA nomination and realized she was up against Asa. Pardon Wahu’s reaction, but by scooping the Best Female Artist award, she knew she’d done an Obama over Asa. Kenyan’s truly run this planet!
In my most humble opinion, for Wahu, winning the MAMA was the easy part – living up to the expectations that come with winning such an award will be the monumental task. Of all the nominees, she was the only one without an album to her credit! A look at the CV’s of the female nominees tells you that all those nominated have taken their music to an international level far higher than Wahu’s. In fact, a lot of female African artists, especially from Nigeria and South Africa, who were not even nominated, have been hard on the grind making waves internationally.
So what does our superstar Wahu do to ensure that she becomes Kenya’s first truly female star with continental appeal?
Well, for one, her song “Sweet Love” kicked a**! It was a truly African song that caught continents attention. We at home could tell that it was Wahu singing and Nameless behind the lyrics, but the rest of the continent couldn't - they just loved the song!

So Ms. Mathenge, the thing you should do; keep Nameless as your ghost writer. Monski has got this Afropop, Highlife, Osibissa-type thing going on with his lyrics and he’ll make a pretty good ally for you when it comes to taking your music to the next level.
You caught the continents attention on a reggae tip – you did it in grand style; don’t forsake the conscious rhythms. Keep your music reggae. You can explore with Afropop beats – but keep your music predominantly reggae. Africa needs another Lucky Dube and your mission should be to fit into his shoes! No small feat, but I believe you can do it. More so, because Kenya doesn't really have a definitive beat that's recognised around the continent the way Nigeria have their Afrobeat, South Africa with their Kwaito, DRC with their Lingala...
Collaborate with artists from West and South Africa (especially Nigeria and South Africa). These are the countries that define Afropop on this continent. A duo with DBanj or HHP (Hip Hop Pantsula) wouldn’t hurt.
Consolidate your dominance of East & Central Africa. The project you did with Bobbi Wine was great, but it wasn’t you in control – it was Shell and MTV. You need to continue working with the regions heavy-hitters; in your own terms.
And finally, don’t forget to look for JB or Werra Son from the DRC, they will break you into the Francophone market, eventually into France and ultimately Europe. The French appreciate good music and that’s the country most Africans use to break through into greater Europe.
Congratulations on your big win and keep up the momentum Wahu.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

International Acts: Kenya Starting To Catch Up With TZ

With the recent increase of international acts performing in the country, it won’t be long before Kenya catches up with TZ in terms of attracting international music stars. At least if the trend continues.
Let me take you back about 8 years ago: Remember when Tanzania had more mobile phone subscribers than Kenya? It’s hard to imagine now that Safaricom has more subscribers than all mobile phone subscribers in TZ! So, the same logic can be applied when it comes to international music stars performing in TZ: right now they are flocking to Tanzania, but it’s only a matter of time before we catch up with our neighbours.
Like our Tanzanian brothers, could Kenyans finally be willing to pay top Dollar to see the hottest international acts, instead of spending all their money in the bar? Have Kenyan promoters become more reliable, instead of conning the public? Are corporate sponsors finally playing ball with promoters? Could all this have anything to do with Obamamania? I think all those factors influence the recent influx of international star power into the Kenyan entertainment scene.

For those of you who think that I’m just writing this to create hype, check out this itinerary of international stars hitting the country in November and December only:
November 15th: The Game
November 29th: UB40
December 6th: Mr Vegas
December 12th: Ludacriss
December 31st: There are rumours of Weezy

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Lewis Hamilton Needs To Dump Nicole

Dear Mr. Hamilton,
You need to seriously think about your current relationship with leech...sorry, girlfriend Nicole. Look at me getting ahead of myself...

First things first; massive hi 5 for becoming the first non-Caucasian to win the Formula 1 championship. Now down to the grimy; PLEASE DUMP NICOLE, MR. HAMILTON!
I can understand that you probably brag to your boys about having the lead singer of the Pussy Cat Dolls as your girlfriend, but dude – you’ve been there, done that and got the tattoo! It’s time to move on.
When you first thought of hitting on her…and then it worked (I can bet she’s the one who hit on you), it must’ve felt great! I mean, which dude wouldn’t love going out with Nicole…but that was when she might’ve had more mullah than you! Now, you’re set to become the richest sports personality in the globe…dude, you’re going to be earning more than Tiger Woods for crying out loud. Dump the chiquitta and move on!
What’s the point of raking in 150 million dollars a single year and you’re going out with ngovano who’s seven years older than you?! Do you want to tell me that there are no steamy, young, sexy, young, successful, young, voluptuous…young British lasses? And if you prefer international flavour, I still pose the same question.
As you turn 24 next month, let me help you out; here’s a list of steamy, young, hot lasses, all under the age of 24:
Leona Lewis (Gee, you even share a name...how cute)

Keeley Hazel (Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like this)
Rihanna (Chris Brown’s got nothin’ on you mate)
Lauren London (Get your lil' freak on with this tart)
Ciara (Dude...I mean?)
Chanel Iman (Let's just say even McLaren's gonna want your girl)
Vanessa Hudgens (Well, she's 20 you know-legal)
Angela & Vanessa Simmons (Papa can't even preach)
Scarlet Johansson (the white girl your papa warned you against)
Ana Ivanovic (Even I vana play a lot...of tennis)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

JuaCali Set To Launch Hot, New Album!

King of Genge, JuaCali, launches his sophomore (second) album on December 31st at the KICC. The Calif Records General is expected to perform for the very first time with a live band. The star is said to be apprehensive, but rehearsing very hard to get his live band performance on point. Others expect to represent for Jua include Mejja, Madtraxx, Jimwizzy, AY, Z Anton, Flexx, MOG, Alpha Msanii and Toxic Dancers.
Entrance to the even will be 400/- and 1,000/- for VIP. Advance tickets are retailing for 300/-

For your opportunity to win FREE VIP TICKETS: In not so many words, but being very critical and creative, please tell us; Do you think that it is a good idea for a hip hop artist like JuaCali to use a live band in his performance?

Monday, November 17, 2008

An Open Letter To Nonini

Dear Hubert,
My friend: If you happen to see my grief and should you say to me, as Gidi said to Maji, “What’s wrong with you?” I fear that I cannot answer you without engaging my fists. Therefore, dear friend, I write this letter as an expression of my grief as to how you have treated me.
Dear Herbo, I am indeed concerned with your selective memory as exhibited in your latest outing, ‘Kumbuka.’ Herbo, as you reminisce about the days gone by and the first person you kissed, you forgot someone who played a vital part in you becoming Nonini.
Nakitare, I remember as if it was yesterday, when we shared such great moments. How could you forget all these great times? Dude, tumetoka mbali mseiya!
Remember, if you will, back in ’01 when we went to perform in Mang’u High. Do you recall how you brought the house down and the boys refused to go for their supper? Noo-nini! Ninaninini!
Can you rewind to that moment in ’02 when we went to Nairobi School? Do you remember even the female teachers getting on stage with you and your boy Jua? Hizo vidoleee...
Do you remember in November the same year… you stopped the show at Leavers Rock? You got on stage with a humongous motor cycle and teeniez countrywide didn’t stop talking about the stunt?
Rewind to ’04 and the whole world turned against you! Or did they? We provided you with the platform to redeem yourself…Favourite Male Artist the teeniez screamed! Despite the fact that Redsan was ‘Apakatweing’ them and Prezzo was redefining bling culture. Where are the haterz now?
When we started out, the both of us, we were nothing. No one knew about us. No one cared. We just did our thing, to the best of our ability. Now that you’re somebody, you’ve chosen to have selective memory. You’ve forgotten about the tough path we traveled over 8 years ago. Well we haven’t forgotten those days that shaped you…take a look at these pictures and refresh your memory

Yaani, after all those years hauwezi kutukumbuka?

Mr. Vegas To Perform in Nairobi on December 6th

Dancehall superstar Mr. Vegas is expected to make his maiden Kenyan performance at Uhuru Park on December 6th. The performance will be to mark the launch of the Vijana Tujipange AIDS awareness initiative. It is not clear how long the artist is expected to perform, but Kenyans can expect him to belt out his top hits including, “Heads High” “Pull Up” “Hot Wuk” “Hot It Up” amongst others. Keep it locked for more updates...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Jua Back From Europe, Plans Underway For Album Launch

Genge King JuaCali returned last night from London, after a two-week tour. The Genge luminary had toured Germany, Norway and England where he performed at different night spots in Munich, Oslo and London respectively.
A tired looking Jua spoke to me [Mojo Sojo - the dude who writes this blog] about his sophomore album launch plans, performing with a live band for the very first time, his residential move from Calif to Hurlingham, his love life and expectations for 2009.
JuaCali will be launching his second album, Ngeli ya Genge, on December 31st at the KICC. Artists who have already confirmed to rock the stage include AY, Z-Anton, Matonya, Mejja, Maddtraxx, Jimwizzy, MOG and Flexx. Jua will also be performing using a live band for the very first time.
Read all about this in the December issue of the coolest mag on the planet – The Insyder.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Farewell Mama Afrika

Most of us have heard of her name mentioned like some distant echo in the mountains far beyond the horizon, but we've probably never really listened to Zenzile Miriam Makeba's music. But here are the facts about the Mother of African Pop Music, Mama Miriam Makeba:
She won a Grammy Award in 1965 for Best Folk Song (even Akon's never gotten a Grammy)
Her song 'Pata Pata' was lodged in the Billboard Top 10 in 1967

The following is the official statement from her website:
The world was dealt a blow early this morning, in a small town outside Naples, Italy when Zenzile Miriam Makeba, Mama Afrika to the world, passed away... and left this earth, aged 76 years. She was born on 4th March 1932.

Whilst this great lady was alive she would say “I will sing until the last day of my life”
Zenzile Miriam Makeba collapsed on stage, at the end of her set, after singing Pata Pata,. She was immediately attended to by her grandson Nelson Lumumba Lee and others before being rushed to the nearest hospital. Tragically, in the early hours of this 10th of November 2008 morning, the doctors pronounced that they were unable to revive her.
Ambassador Makeba, was with her band, and was performing before an outdoor audience, in the open air at Via Verde, in the small town of Castelvolturno, not far from Naples. The audience included her long time friend, Italian promoter, Roberto Meglioli, who she had called on Friday from Holland, and asked to attend her show. He was on stage with her at the end of the show, and there she collapsed into his arms.
Dr Miriam Makeba never forgot her struggle through her life, and never stopped identifying with those who were downtrodden and who suffered. An activist to the end, the event where she was performing at, was an Anti-Racism and Anti-Mafia Event. “Mazi” as she was affectionately known by those who knew her well, never shied from speaking her mind and standing for her beliefs. She was an outstanding South African, a and indeed a gracious and true citizen of the World.
Zenzile Miriam Makeba is survived by her grandchildren Nelson Lumumba Lee and Zenzi Monique Lee, and her great- grandchildren Lindelani, Ayanda and Kwame.

Kanunga High 404's Arrested By Cops

10 teeniez from Kanunga High were yesterday arrested in Nairobi City's Central Business District (CBD). There were part of a group of about 250 students who had marched from Kanunga, in Kiambu East District to present what the called a "Statement" to media houses in Nairobi. It is alleged that the Kanunga dudes, mainly 404's, were planning a strike this Friday after completing their final KCSE exams. The head teacher got wind of the plot and immediately dialled 999. The cops swarmed Kanunga High and dispersed the students. The students claim that they were not planning to strike and the were unjustly mistreated by the police.
We'll keep you posted as this story unravels...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weezy the Artists Choice for 2008 Europe Music Awards

Though Britney Spears wasn’t on-hand to accept, she won two awards at the 2008 Europe Music Awards – for Album of the Year and Act of 2008. The other big winners of the night were 30 Seconds To Mars, who also scooped up two awards for Rock Out and Video Star. Sir Paul McCartney was also honoured with a special award - the Ultimate Legend Award – which was presented to him by U2 lead singer Bono.
Here is a list of all the winners
Most Addictive Track: P!nk ‘So What’
Video Star: 30 Seconds To Mars ‘A Beautiful Lie’
Headliner: Tokio Hotel
Ultimate Urban: Kanye West
Rock Out: 30 Seconds To Mars
Artists Choice: Lil Wayne
Act of 2008: Britney Spears
Ultimate Legend: Sir Paul McCartney
Album of the Year: Britney Spears Blackout
Europe’s Favourite Act: Emre Aydin (Turkey)
New Act: Katy Perry
Best Act Ever: Rick Astley

Friday, November 07, 2008

HIStory Jay Z Records Track Celebrating Our Man Obama’s Victory

Jay-Z and Common have each hit the vocal booths to unveil their own personal victory songs for the new President-elect, Barack Obama.
In a new track called "History," Jigga wastes no time in using the chorus to set the tone for long-awaited win and goal finally reached.

"Now that all the smoke is gone/And the battles finally won/Victory is finally ours/History, so long, so long/So long, so long."
Known for his clever usage of metaphors, Jay compares Obama's victory to his yearning and frustration over a woman.
"Until she visit me/I'll be stuck with her sister her name is defeat/she gives me agony/I'm stuck in this routine/whole new different day/same old thing/all I got is dreams/nobody else could see/nobody else believes/nobody else but me/Where are you victory/I need you desperately/not just for the moment, to make history."
Chi-town's own, Common, also made his voice heard via the Obama inspired track "Changes." Before cutting to an excerpt from the Illinois Senator's acceptance speech, listeners can hear a child express the powerful force of change.
"Change is inevitable. You can't stop it. Change is happening in everybody's life. Change is like a furious hurricane that you can't stop."
Joined by Talib Kweli in his hometown of Chicago during an event on Election Night, Common expressed what Obama's win means for future generations:

"We gonna see a black family playing on the lawn of the White House," Common told a crowd. "My daughter believes she can be the next president. Right now she believes that. Two years ago she wanted to be a dancer. Now she wants to be in politics."

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Time To Take The Mobile Phone Service Providers To School!

Yesterday, Zain launched the youth-centric ‘Club 20’ Sub Tariff (I really don’t know what else to call it) at the University of Nairobi with great pomp and festivities, at the same time, an Orange ad in one of the leading youth newspaper pullouts confirmed the company had sponsored one of the most prestigious university beauty pageants in the country; Mr & Miss USIU. It’s evident for all to see, the next mobile phone wars will be fought within the campus grounds. Right now, who stands the best chance of winning the war?

They hit the competition with the Vuka Tariff; giving us the opportunity to make ‘affordable’ 8/- phone calls across all the networks. Then they hit us with the Club 20 Sub Tariff, where for just 20 bob, we can make free calls between 10pm and 6am, and SMS for free the entire day! Vuka Tariff rates apply for the Club 20 Sub Tariff. So that means between 6:01am - 9:59pm, we can still make those 'affordable' calls across all networks for only (hint of sarcasm here) 8 bob, but remember all SMS's are free, free, free!

So what's the reality on the ground for the young mobile phone user? What does the Vuka Tariff and its Club 20 sub tariff really offer us? Check out the tables below taken from the Zain Kenya website...

To be continued…

Next network going under the microscope:

Nakumatt Thika Road Demolished by Bulldozers

This just in: Nakumatt Thika Road is down! Nakumatt Thika Road iko chini waseiya!
The Nakumatt on Thika Road has just been brought down by Ministry of Roads bulldozers. The demolition, which started at around 6am, is on going as I (Mojo Sojo) upload this story. The demolition has also caused a massive snarl up on Thika Road, as neighbouring residents loot the mega mart. In scenes reminscent to Kisumu earlier this year, witnesses have reported seeing people carrying plasma televisions, fridges, cookers and carpets from the supermarket! It is alleged that the Nakumatt chain of supermarkets were aware of the intended demolition, as the particular supermarket sits on the road reserve. Keep it locked for more update on this story...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tony Njuguna's Lost Twin A Big Hit In Europe!

There’s a rap/R&B duo called Madcon making global waves with their hit song ‘Beggin’. Though the group kinda sounds like Will.i.am, their debut hit track ‘Begging’ ain’t sniveling for your attention – it’s actually in-ya-face bangin’! Madcon (short for Mad Conspiracy) are actually a group from Norway consisting of two dudes who are of African descent. The two are called Kapricon (Tshawe Baqwa) and Critical (Yosef Wolde-Mariam) and are of South African and Ethiopian ethnicity respectfully. The first major hit single ‘Beggin’ is actually cover of a song originally performed in 1967 by The Four Seasons featuring lead vocals by Frankie Valli.
Now, take a good look at Critical (Yosef) – the light skinned guy in the hat, doesn’t this dude look like he ran away from Tony Njuguna’s homestead when he was a toi? Don't believe me? Remember that promotion by the Daily Nation...Fyatuka Na Shares, I think it was called? Check out the video to the hit song 'Beggin' and make up your mind...

Watch more My Video videos on AOL Video

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's The Dance Battle November Issue

The Dance Face Off: Al Kaeda vs FBI
Get the lowdown on arguably the 2 hottest high school dance groups ever!!!! You only see ‘em on stage during gigs and that’s the much you know about them. . . right? Well, The Insyder gives you the 411 on who they are personally, which school they are reppin’, their love-life status (wink wink) and their take on the shadiest celeb dancers.

For more information, checkout our website www.theinsyder.com

’08 Momentos: The Gift And The Curse
We take you back down memory lane (to the beginning of the year, that is) and highlight the moments that moved the year 2008. From the unfortunate school strikes to the prestigious CHAT awards, look at the best and worst moments of the year.

The Insyder Hottest Honiez
It’s baaaack!!!! Walalalala – check out the hottiez bringing it on on the first wave (Raundi Hii). Jamaaz, be ready to wipe saliva off your magazines and as for the chiquittas, be ready to check out who’s giving you serious compe in high school. Also, get to vote for the honie of your choice for exclusive I-wear merchandise.

Seen On The Scene
Missed the hottest funkie of the term? Don’t worry, we got 2 pages worth of ill and exclusive pix of what went down.

Swagger Like Us
Check out the lyrical swagger of T.I. , Hova, Kanye West (Kanyizze), and Weezy. Who got the hottest verse??? Did T.I. make it a hot line while the rest made it a hot song???. . .

Top 8 in ‘08
Check out the top 8 gospel artists of the year who kept your spirituality in check.

Red and Meth Reunite For New Album

Their first album, 1999’s Blackout!, set them apart as one of the most innovative and exciting duos in hip hop history. Now Method Man & Redman are reuniting for “part two.” Def Jam officially announced that Meth and Red are planning to release Blackout 2. The once-rumored album is expected to drop this December.
Now, one wonders; given the recent dismal performance of their individual albums, will the two find the chemistry that precipitated the success of their debut collabo album Blackout? Comments please…

Friday, October 24, 2008

Have You Checked Out The Insyder's New Website?

It's been remixed and revamped! Have you checked out our new website yet? Well if you've not done it yet, check it out people...CLICK HERE
The site is still undergoing serious transformations, so please feel free to give us comments on how we can make it a site worthy of the coolest mag on the planet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Harambee Stars Get The Eagles

Wololo! Harambee Stars have jumped into the fire. Our boys have landed the Eagles: The Super Eagles and those ones of Carthage (Tunisia). God have mercy on our boys, but it looks like we're not going to Angola in 2010. For those who were on cheap drugs, let me bring you back to earth: We were never going to South Africa in 2010 people! Time for rehab I guess.
Here's how the draw looks like for our Stars. We happen to find ourselves in Group B with:
  1. Nigeria (World Ranking: 27, Africa Ranking: 4)
  2. Tunisia (47, 8)
  3. Mozambique (100, 27)

Harambee Stars are ranked 76th in the world and 18th on the continent.

The rest of the groupings are as follows-

Group A

Group C
Group D

Group E
Côte d'Ivoire
Burkina Faso
Yaani things are so elephant, even the team we can consider the weaker opposition, Mozambique, can still twanga our asses despite being ranked lower than us! But that's where our hope lies, if we are going to make it to the other Portugese speaking African nation for the AFCON fiesta in 2010, we must beat the Mambas of Mozambique at home and in Maputo. And they can be beaten at home. Botswana beat them 1-0 during the last qualifying phase. Despite the loss to Botswana, the Mambas still managed to hold Cote d'Ivoire to a one-all draw in Maputo!
Traditionally, we have done relatively well against West African opposition at home. Our last encounter with the Super Eagles about 11 years ago ended in a one-all draw. We also seem to be able to hold the North Africans here as well. It is the away games that we seem to crumble - especially at the north!
Angola 2010 is simply out of our hands unless we beat Mozambique both home and away, and pray and hope the Naija boys and Tunisia keep their end of the rankings by whipping the southern Africans. We can forget beating Naija in Lagos or Abuja, but we can repeat our exploits of one decade ago by holding them to a draw...PSYCHE! The Super Eagles seem to be peaking at the right moment for 2010 (both Angola and South Africa), and with every game look like the side that will do Africa proud at the world cup. Tunisia's recent form (W W W D W) on the continent make them hard to stop. Their recent 1-3 loss to France is inconsequential coz the struggling Europeans can dismantle Harambee Stars while they sip of French wine. My money is on Nigeria topping the group, with Tunisia taking the runners-up position. The 3rd and final berth for the AFCON championship in Angola will be ours if only we can be the Mozambiqans and hold the Eagles to a draw in Nairobi. I believe 8 points will be enough for us to secure a place in Angola.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Eminem Relapses

Eminem has officially announced Relapse as the title of his sixth studio album. He also premiered a freestyle to the his new track, “I’m Having a Relapse,” on October 15th on his Shade 45 channel on the SIRIUS Satellite Radio.
While no release date has been set, the LP is expected to arrive before the end of the year. During an interview on Shade 45, 50 Cent hinted that Relapse may even arrive prior to his own new album, Before I Self Destruct, which is scheduled for December 9th.
Eminem celebrated the release of his new book The Way I Am with a party in New York last night that drew the likes of 50 Cent and LL Cool J.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Zuku Launches Television For Your Computer

A company calling itself Zuku (it’s owned by Wananchi Online) is now offering peeps the opportunity to watch the English Premier League, movies and TV series’ online. What’s more, for an additional cost, you can also have the opportunity to surf the need using a broadband facility they claim is superior to those offered by the competition. In one of their ads they boast, “you'll surf the net at speeds and prices other providers consider illegal….” Hmmm, that remains to be seen. Don’t you just hate it when all these online providers promise Usain Bolt speeds and yet there’s hardly any discernable difference between their services? Quite honestly, all online providers have more or less the same download speeds – hakuna difference kubwa sana. Let’s hope Zuku won’t offer a service that starts to buffer when Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney are about to…………………. 58%.........................99%.....and the referee blows the final whistle!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TI New Album Leaves More Than A Paper Trail

Atlanta rap star T.I. has taken his hit making streak to the next level with a historic showing on this week’s Billboard albums and singles charts. The rapper’s latest release, Paper Trail, entered the Billboard 200 at No. 1 with 568,000 copies sold in its first week. The ranking, which was echoed on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, Top Rap Albums and Top Digital Albums charts, marks T.I.’s third consecutive number one album behind his last two platinum-certified albums, 2006's King and 2007's T.I. VS. T.I.P. Paper Trail’s showing was one of two achievements for T.I. In addition to topping the Billboard singles chart, “Live Your Life” had the biggest-ever first-week digital singles sales in history, with downloads of nearly 335,000. A video for the platinum-certified track, currently in post-production, is slated to premiere on music video outlets in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Naija Rule Channel O Music Vid Awards

The Channel O Music Video Awards were dominated by winners from Namibia – who bagged the awards for Best Dance (Lady May), Best R&B Video (Gal Level) – which was produced by Kenya’s very own Lucas Bikedo of Ogopa DJ’s, Best Kwaito (The Dogg) - and Nigeria for Best Male Video (Ikechukwu), Best Duo or Group and Video of the Year (P Square), Best African West (M-Trill) as well as Best Hip Hop Video (KC Presh) categories.
South African Afro-fusion band Freshlyground represented Mzansi when they scooped the award for Best African Southern for the catchy tune “Pot Belly”, others who were in the running for the same award included Ziqo, Gal Level, HHP and Taygrin.
The event was recorded live and will be broadcast on Channel O on 23 October at 21:00 (DStv Channel 320).

Official 2008 Channel O Music Video Awards Winners

Best Male Video: Ikechukwu (Nigeria) - in the picture above
Best Female Video: Lizha James (Mozambique)
Best Newcomer: Buffalo Souljah (Zimbabwe)
Best Duo or Group: P Square (Nigeria)
Best Dance: Lady May (Namibia)
Best Ragga Dancehall Video: Buffalo Souljah (Zimbabwe)
Best R&B Video: Gal Level (Namibia) - video produced by Ogopa Deejayz
Best Kwaito: The Dogg (Namibia)
Best African Southern: Freshly Ground (South Africa)
Best African West: M-Trill (Nigeria)
Best African East: Witness ft Fid Q (Tanzania)
Best Hip Hop Video: KC Presh (Nigeria)
Video of the Year: P Square (Nigeria)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ye Brings Forward Album Release

After originally being scheduled for a December 16th release date, hip-hop superstar Kanye West is now planning to drop his highly anticipated fourth studio album, 808s & Heartbreak, a month earlier than previously announced.
"I changed my album to November something cause I finished the album and I felt like it," the rapper revealed recently on his personal blog. "I want y’all to hear it as soon as possible."
This decision squashes any rumours that West would be having an album sales rematch with 50 Cent, whose fourth LP, Before I Self-Destruct, was slated to be released a week before 808s & Heartbreak on December 9th.
Last year 50's album Curtis dropped on the same day as Kanye's Graduation and 50 vowed that he would retire if 'Ye outsold him in first week sales. Kanye wound up winning the battle, selling a whopping 957,000 units to 50 Cent's 691,000. Ye's first single off the new project, "Love Lockdown," currently holds the number 1 spot on iTunes' top songs list.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Battle of the Lyrics

Floetry Fury
The Floetry Fury is a section in the Beat Lab column of The Insyder that pits the best lyrisists in high school against each other. Through a unique Wrap (Written Rap) Battle, two high school MC's go head-to-head to find out who wins 1,000 cash. In the October issue of the coolest mag on the planet - The Insyder, these yung guns are at other's throats...
In the Blue Corner: Kenneth Mwaniki from Kalimoni Sec
In the Red Corner: Brian Elvis from Kiiriria High

Kamangu Is Dead

Some really weird news just in - Kamangu is dead! Yeah, James Kamangu, the man at the centre of marriage dispute with television evangelist and Housing Assistant Minister, Bishop Margaret Wanjiru - ameukata.
Kamangu, who claimed to have been the estranged husband of Wanjiru, died at Kenyatta National Hospital from abdominal pains.
He rose to fame last year after went to court to challenge Wanjiru’s planned marriage to South African preacher Samuel Matjeke, claiming that he was her husband and had sired two sons with her.

Orange Network Reduces Calls To A Bob!

Well, when someone said that "competition is healthy" they definitely had the Kenyan mobile phone industry in mind - at least from a consumers point of view anyway. I just heard that beginning immediately, phonecalls from Orange to Orange will now be a bob! Yeah, you read it right - 1 bop! Shillingi moja! Wahead! Imwe! Achiel! So, if I were you, I'd stop reading this blog and get me an Orange line like right away!

We know that big brotha Safaricom kinda lengad Zain when they introduced the Vuka tariff of 8 bop across all networks, but people-can they really continue lengaing such offers? At the end of the day, something's gotta give.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Don't Mess With Obama Nation!

A leading American author has been detained by immigration authorities as he tried to launch a book smearing our man Barack Obama. Jerome Corsi was this morning being held after failing to get the proper papers allowing him to conduct business in our country. The dude had been planning to launch his book, entitled The Obama Nation Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, before travelling to one of Nairobi’s slums to donate money to the Senator’s half-brother George, who he claims in living in squalid conditions in Nairobi. Incidentally, this dude was going to donate 1,000 US dollars to George. I can't help but wonder; is that all McCain could afford? LOL! Dude forgot we're Kenyans baby - the most dedicated people on the planet! We can't sell Obama - he's not for sale, he's the next president of the US of A.

Anywayz, our eagle-eyed coppers swooped into action hours after Dr Corsi was aptly described as the author of a smear crusade by local newspapers who saw through his 'launch' facade. Immigration officials said he had been detained because he did not have a work permit, however one of Dr Corsi's assistants said he was "just answering some questions" - yeah, right! Corsi must have forgotten that in Kenya, no one is above the law, even Republicans...LOL!
In the promotional literature for his book, Dr Corsi promised to reveal sinister links between Kenyan politicians and Mr Obama. "Dr Corsi will also expose details of deep secret ties between US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and a section of Kenya government leaders, their connection to certain sectoral groups in Kenya and subsequent plot to be executed in Kenya should Senator Obama win the American presidency," it said.
We only have one thing to say to Dr. Corsi, "WEWE NA MCCAIN WAKO MSHINDWE!"