Friday, August 14, 2009

The Insyder Links With Fanbox on Facebook

The Official Blogsite for The Insyder (this one you're on of course), has added a cool new app (that's application). We've now teamed up with Facebook's "Fanbox" app to link this blog with our Fan Page on the world's most popular social networking site (that's Facebook if you've just landed from Jupiter). Check it out and let me (I'm called Mojo Sojo and I'm the dude who writes/compiles this blog) know what you think. PEACE...

Obama Handshake Snubbed

I understand the other link wasn't opening, try this one out:


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama Handshake Snubbed

Okay, I've had enough of this ugly video post that's doing the rounds on the internet right now. The reason I've decided to make a stand on this is coz I have received this post for the 10th time in less than 3 hours!!! In the video, the person posting it (obviously some disgruntled Republican) says that Obama is snubbed by some Russian official.
If you watch the video very keenly, you will notice the first thing Obama does is guide the Russian dude (not sure who he is) towards the people lining up for the handshakes. He (Obama of course, who else would I be talking about???) actually uses his right hand to guide his Russian counterpart towards the waiting party. Anyway, you watch the clip and tell me what you think. You can holla @ me via SMS as well through this number: 0718 000002

What's With This Facebook & Twitter Beef?

For those of you interested in the growing beef between Facebook and Twitter, you can catch a really nice analysis here:

For the rest of you like me who haven’t even figured Twitter out yet, you can holla at me and tell me what you think of all this Twitter ish: @theinsyder

Facebook Bullies Twitter

The Internet was buzzing Wednesday with talk of Facebook testing a streamlined "Lite" version of the social-networking service that could challenge microblogging sensation Twitter. This comes less than a year after Facebook unsuccessfully attempted to buy out Twitter.

"We are currently testing a simplified alternative to that loads a specific set of features quickly and efficiently," the Internet star said in reply to an AFP inquiry.

"Similar to the Facebook experience you get on your mobile phones, Facebook Lite is a fast-loading, simplified version of Facebook that enables people to make comments, accept Friend requests, write on people's Walls, and look at photos and Status updates."

Facebook Lite is being tested in India and other countries where new users flooding to the service "are looking to start off with a more simple experience," according to the Palo Alto, California-based firm.

A test website at was accidently opened to an expanded audience on Tuesday night, but the slip was caught and traffic routed to standard Facebook pages.

The acquisition of FriendFeed and testing of "Facebook Lite" follows social-networking star's failed attempt last year to buy Twitter.

FriendFeed has been described as a potential rival to Twitter in its ability to conduct real-time search, an area where Facebook has been seeking to expand.

Facebook is the fastest growing social network on the Internet and has more than 250 million members.

Do The Gully Creepa Creepa...

It’s like the hottest dance on the planet, but who’s losing sleep over it?....Anyway, the holidaze are here and if you don’t already know how to do the Gully Creepa, don’t worry, The Insyder and the hottest dance kru in the land, Al Kaeda, got ya back. We gonna break down the Gully Creepa for you so dat you can also be shaking it all the way down...

Gully Creepa Lyrics

Mr.Wakie a di teacha
but a ice a bus da beat ya
everybody in a di street
jus a do di gully creepa creepa
people uno see it ya
even senorita
wha when u hear da beat ya
wha it name gully creepa
move u back n move u shoulda
move u foot dem like a rolla
mek up u face jus like a creepa den u do di gully creepa creepa
gully getting deepa n di hills dem getting steepa
di dance dem getting sweeta
gully creepa

wi go prendys pon a sunday
uptown wi de a monday
wha uno tink se it done de a fire a lik me son den
dance dem jus a come de kitchen carpet pon de ground de
D & G drop di bom dem so no boda buss di gun dem

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