Friday, June 15, 2007

Akon Sorry For Kutaing Under 15 Girl’s Vitu

How Akon 'Kutad the Vitu' in Trinidad

Girl, u make me feel like i've just walked out of lock down... Shake your booty, booty...

Kuta vitu...kuta vitu...hata wa Trinidad...
There has been a lot of talk of Akon’s new song ‘Sorry.’ Since am like the most connect blogger in the country, I was finally able to get my hand on it, the title is pretty self-explanatory, the geezer calls it ‘Blame It On Me.’ He apologizes for some of the mistakes that he’s made in the last 30 days, and most of all for him being the reason Verizon (Safaricom ya statoe) pulled Gwen Stefani as a sponsor. If you reside in Mars, then you should know that Akon performed a highly suggestive dance at a night club in Trinidad with a girl who was only 14. The only difference between him and Kellz is that they both had their clothes on… at least their trousers.
Akon’s relationship with Gwen Stefani might have gone sour after Verizon wireless dropped the sponsorship for her “Sweet Escape” tour. As you all remember
Akon recently apologized to Gwen for the controversy surrounding his Trinidad concert. It appears that the public apology wasn’t enough because Akon’s singing about his sorrows.In a new song called “SORRY”, Akon apologizes to Gwen in regards to humping a 14 year old at his concert in Trinidad. He mentions how he had no idea she was underage since it all went down at a 21 and over club. Akon also goes on to say that her father, who is a priest, should have known where his daughter was at that time. He ends the song with a apology to Gwen for all his actions. We are pretty sure Gwen and her camp were pretty upset over the loss of a big sponsorship. We’re talking about millions of dollars at loss and these days a tour is the only way artists even make money so you do the math. It must be really bad for an artist to take the extra step and make melodies to show his apologies.

Timbaland Smashes German Racist

Timbaland beat the cr*p out of some guy name Robert F. who called him a ‘Nigger’ at a bar in Germany. Robert K was sent to the hospital and Timbaland straight to the slammer. Timbaland was bailed out for U$ 1,000 and it is not clear whether he will stand trial for being insulted. Anyway, Germany still has some serious racism issues more than half a century after Hitler.

Raw & Unkut

The south is running sh*t right now and they seem to be unleashing MC’s just as fast as the hits. Before you could even say Young Joc, out pops another cat, this time a DJ who’s got lyrical skillz. Unk (formerly known as Unknown and DJ Unknown, born Anthony Platt) is a rapper from the ATL. UNK began spinning records in 1998. After meeting DJ Jelly and DJ Montay, he joined their DJ entourage, and the crew started wrecking the party scene with under name Southern Style DJs. They performed for high school parties, proms, pep rallies, and other events around the state of Georgia. In 2000 one of the south’s most revered and influential kingpins, Big Oomp signed Unk to his label, Big Oomp Records. Unlike other underground cats who release a series of albums before hitting the big time, Unk has proven he is a cut above the rest.
His debut album ‘Beat’n Down Yo Block!’, produced by Big Oomp under Koch Records, was an instant hit. Unk stormed into the global hip hop scene with the blazing, high energy single “Walk It Out.” But Unk didn’t just walk off with his first hit, he ran for glory and was blessed this year when he unleashed his second monster hit ‘2 Step.’ Both singles got to the number one spot in the US Hip hop/R&B charts. With the release of his album, Unk could well be on his way to becoming the south’s new hip hop voice. Now walk it out to the next story…