Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lollipop v/s Candy Shop: Let's End This Now!!

So Fiddy has fired a salvo at Weezy accusing him of nicking his 'Candy Shop' idea in the joint 'Lollipop.' Well, I really don't know if this is just Fiddy's attempt at creating publicity before the October launch of his album 'Before I Self Destruct' or it's something that pains his creative heart. Fact of the matter is; both joints were hot! Which is hotter; CANDY SHOP or LOLLIPOP? You decide now...


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

50 Cent Says Lil' Wayne Stole Lollipop From Him!

50 Cent digs Lil Wayne, but he can’t help but notice the similarities between Weezy’s summer smash “Lollipop” and his own 2005 hit “Candy Shop.” “‘Lollipop’” is ‘lick lick lick lick it like a lollipop,’” 50 told Rolling Stone, singing the verse to prove his point. “And ‘Candy Shop’ is ‘I’ll take you to the Candy Shop/ I’ll let you lick the lollipop.’”
Rip-off or not, 50 is no longer spinning Wayne’s track — or any other rappers’, for that matter. “”I’m not really listening to anyone else’s records,” he says, adding that his new album, Before I Self-Destruct, will drop by the end of the year. “Now I’m in another space where I gotta make what I’m excited about.”
50 is mum on the details of his new disc — the last on his contract with Interscope Records — but he promises to shake things up. “[Other rappers] can take what I’ve done for the last five years and do their version of it and be successful with momentum,” he says. “Meanwhile, I have to reinvent the wheel.”

Lil Wayne Wants Eminem Out Of Retirement

Lil Wayne is not content with his blockbuster of an year, as the superstar MC is already brainstorming plans for the upcoming year. In an exclusive interview with BBC’s 1Xtra’s DJ Semtex, Wayne first reflected on his phenomenal 2008 year and detailed his future plans. Lil Wayne also revealed that he had reached out to Eminem before Tha Carter III dropped in hopes of a joint song, but received no response from the Detroit native’s management. Now 2 million record sales later, Wayne is more forceful and direct with his request to Slim Shady. “I’m aight with the raps, it’s ok to get on a song. I’m calling you out!” Wayne quipped. “Come on out. I’m not calling you out to diss me because I can’t "beep!" with you. But come do a song. Please…with three e’s.” Moving forward to 2009, Wayne is excited about his upstart label Young Money Entertainment as well as a new album - Tha Carter IV. “Carter IV? It’s gonna be crazy because you know, I’m only getting better. Even though I’m getting older I’m only getting better,” he reasoned. “And I promise you, I will never fail you.”
The Carter IV??? Dude, please get more original. Three Carter's were aiight, but spare us a fourth Carter, get another name for your album dawg!