Friday, January 26, 2007

What's The Ideal Price for a Kenyan CD?

Okay, so we’ve made a great deal of noise about how Kenya’s music is dead. In fact, we’ve had to temporarily stop correspondence on this topic coz peeps have been pretty emotional about this topic. So here’s the deal, how much should a copy of your favourite Kenyan artist’s CD cost? I say 300 bob! Why?

If you buy 10,000 CD’s in bulk from any dealer, it will cost you about 8/- per CD

Printing 10,000 CD’s, plus printing on a paper (not plastic) case will cost 50/ - per CD

Mastering an album will cost you 5/- per CD

Mass producing 10,000 recorded CD’s will cost you 30/ per CD

Studio recording and producing an album will cost you 2/- per CD

Authorizing distributors in River Road to take your product to the consumer will be 50/- per CD

Total Cost: 195/-

Recommended Retail Cost: 200/- onwards but not more than 300/-