Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mi Si Like Ngoma Ya Abbas!

Damn it Doobz, why did you have to go and mess everything up?! I mean, you’ve been like killing it in every track you’ve unleashed in the last 5 years, so why did you have to take us back to the dark days of ‘aping’ MC’s from the states? Dude, you’ve got a style that kicks and lyrical skills that can hold their own against virtually any MC on the globe; why did you have to go and do a joint that makes you sound like a cheap a** Rick Ross bootleg?
You’re my boy and all, but I have to lay it down like it is; your latest outing sucks! ‘Mi Na Like Chapaa’ reduces you to an MC who thinks he sounds better by following the crowd. Man, you’re above that! Abbas Kubaff doesn’t follow the masses, he stirs up the masses! You ain’t a follower young blood, you’re an innovator. Rick Ross should be biting your style and not the other way round. The moment an artist loses his style and tries to adopt one that belongs to another artist, then that artist (Abbas) has lost direction and is by essence ‘a mtumwa’!
I won’t comment on the production that has been put into this track coz I don’t want to demoralize an MC who I have much respect for, but in future, let’s not release such matope! Save it for the young cats trying to break into the game.