Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are You Yung, Hot n Sexy? Then Join This Club

Hey good looking people! We're looking for people with hot bods. You think you've got the looks to make heads turn? Think you've got the confidence to pose before the flashing lights? Check it out: Icon Modelz (iMODELZ) are looking for totally fresh, never-before-seen, young faces to take Kenya's modeling profession to the stratosphere! If you think you've got what it takes, then send your pix to: or send a direct message to Teenie Kijana with your pic attached to it.

How To Enter

1. You can either attach your photo and send an email to:
2. On Facebook, look up Teenie Kijana and send a direct message - don't forget to attach your pic

Details Required

We will require the following details:
1. Full names
2. Age (very important)
3. School/College/Uni
4. Mobile Number

For more information, you can also call our hotline: 0718 999993

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Challenge To Kibaki & Raila: Give A Speech Like This

President Obama recently gave a speech to America's school children...check it out

Bow Wow Tells Tyra He's Got A Crush On Her...

Okay, this is getting waaaaay outta hand, someone tell this young lil' puppy to hang out with Miley Cyrus or someone like that. Dude, c'mon, have a crush with someone your height for a minute!!

Bow Wow and Tyra Banks?

First we had Nick and Mariah, now Bow Wow has expressed to the world that he prefers older women. Nothing wrong with that if it’s what rocks your little bow wow kennel. Something else everyone’s forgetting to mention...Bow Wow loves taller women too! Or is it that his short a** can’t get women who are simply his height. Which reminds me, who discovered Bow Wow? Hmmm...well, well if it isn’t another midget Mr. Jay Dee! LOL!

Anywayz, tiny Bow Wow actually got a chance to make his case (and probably woo her as well) on the Tyra Banks Show where he performed...wait for it... “Hey Tyra”

See the music vid below people and make up your minds

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T-Pain Says Jay-Z Is 59

T-Pain Says Jay-Z Is 59 & “I Think If Anything Is Dead, It Should Be Him”

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Jay Z Disses T Pain Live On Stage

So T Pain knew the lyrics to the song before Jay Z went on stage to perform D.O.A., but why the heck did he (T Pain) go on stage when Hov was tearing up the stage performing the song? To make things even more grotesque, T Pain starts dancing to D.O.A and in the process looks like a complete nincompoop. He then tries to ‘stare down’ Jay Z (which doesn’t work) and starts trying to swagga arrogantly on stage. A non-deterred Jay Z then wraps up the song by shouting, “Good riddance!” right in front of T Pain **s! surely is the Death of the Auto Tune. Hello Blueprint 3!

Watch the video here...