Monday, September 07, 2009

GTA Four Preview

Okay, we all love GTA (Grand Theft Auto), and the fanatics reading this have bought or illegally downloaded GTA IV. Now, the guys at RockStar (the peeps who make GTA) have come up with a neat way of extending GTA IV with a new remixed version called 'GTA IV: The Ballad of Tony Gay.' In other words, the clever little buggers at RockStar have built a game (the original GTA IV) which they can now add new gaming content into. Kinda like they will be making new 'episodes' of GTA IV...ya followin' me?
The new game extensions are cheaper for RockStar to build and for gamers to buy (for those who download illegally, this won't make much of a difference). And because it doesn’t have the weight of all the original programming, you can download it off the Internet in a flash. Damn smart.

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