Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Doobiez Claps Back At CLD!

In the January 2007 issue of The Insyder (which will be out on December 20th this year), Doobiez is breathing mo than just fire. It seems he still a lot to get out off his chest concerning his beef with CLD. In the candid interview in Kenya's number one entertainment publication, Doobiez goes ballistic on CLD. Raising issues about the 'Mo Fire' track, Doobiez was quoted saying, "…When the track starts I mentioned all the people in the track including CLD and Hiram (The song producer), then immediately after his voice comes up. Look at this... his name is on the credits for ‘Mo Fire’ and another track we did with him called ‘Doobeez Did’ together with Kantai, Bamboo and 3rd Eye... the song ‘Angabanga’ was produced at Duplex, after they refused to give me my tracks I went to the radio station that was already playing it and asked for it after which I mastered it and put it in my album, that did not stop me from crediting the song as being produced by Duplex?..."
Commenting on why CLD doesn't appear on the 'Mo Fire' video, Doobiez blurts,
He was scheduled to come for the shoot three times in a row and on all three times he did not show up, then he finally came and he was busted by cops, what has that got to do with me? I did not pay the cops to bust this guy coz we are going to shoot a video and I don’t want him to show up? Come on!"
Well, the saying "Where's there's smoke, there's fire" is coming to life right before our very eyes. Remember to cop the January 2007 issue of The Insyder on Christmas week!