Friday, November 07, 2008

HIStory Jay Z Records Track Celebrating Our Man Obama’s Victory

Jay-Z and Common have each hit the vocal booths to unveil their own personal victory songs for the new President-elect, Barack Obama.
In a new track called "History," Jigga wastes no time in using the chorus to set the tone for long-awaited win and goal finally reached.

"Now that all the smoke is gone/And the battles finally won/Victory is finally ours/History, so long, so long/So long, so long."
Known for his clever usage of metaphors, Jay compares Obama's victory to his yearning and frustration over a woman.
"Until she visit me/I'll be stuck with her sister her name is defeat/she gives me agony/I'm stuck in this routine/whole new different day/same old thing/all I got is dreams/nobody else could see/nobody else believes/nobody else but me/Where are you victory/I need you desperately/not just for the moment, to make history."
Chi-town's own, Common, also made his voice heard via the Obama inspired track "Changes." Before cutting to an excerpt from the Illinois Senator's acceptance speech, listeners can hear a child express the powerful force of change.
"Change is inevitable. You can't stop it. Change is happening in everybody's life. Change is like a furious hurricane that you can't stop."
Joined by Talib Kweli in his hometown of Chicago during an event on Election Night, Common expressed what Obama's win means for future generations:

"We gonna see a black family playing on the lawn of the White House," Common told a crowd. "My daughter believes she can be the next president. Right now she believes that. Two years ago she wanted to be a dancer. Now she wants to be in politics."

Wednesday, November 05, 2008