Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jay Z Free Concerts For Our Man Obama

Hip-Hop star Jay-Z will lend support to Democratic presidential nominee, Mtu Wetu, Barack Obama and encourage young people to vote by giving two free concerts this weekend, The Insyder Blog has learned. Jay-Z, born Shawn Carter, will perform a free show in Detroit this Saturday (October 4) followed by another free performance in Miami on Sunday (October 5). Tickets for the free concerts will be distributed at Obama’s local campaign offices.
In other political news, Obama will debate Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain two more times: once in Tennessee on October 7 and again in New York on October 15.
Obama Takes The Dirt Off His Shoulder
Hey, I thought this particular version of Jay Z's 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder' was pretty cool. Check it out...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kenya Invited To International Dance Championships

Dance crews like FBI, Dashy Crew and Al Kaida will have reasons to celebrate as Kenya has been invited to one of the world's biggest hip hop dance championships.
The Kenyan dance scene received a much deserved boost when the biggest dance championships in the southern hemisphere, Groove Battlegrounds, invited dancers from the country to attend their annual international championship.
The Groove Battlegrounds International Championships are the biggest hip hop dance battle in the Southern Hemisphere. Last year's successful event in Melbourne attracted crews from Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines and Australia.
It is the intention of the organizers of the Groove Battlegrounds to transform the event into a World Supremacy Championship that will host many more countries in 2009 and beyond.
According to the Groove Battlegrounds Managing Director, Marco Selario, the decision to invite Kenya was mainly to expand the championship to Africa and the Middle East. Other similar invitations have been sent to South Africa, Nigeria and Senegal – all nations that have a strong dance and hip hop culture.
GROOVE is a talent and dance competition that brings together the best grassroots performers from various high schools and communities. It is an opportunity for amateur and professional dancers, students and artists to showcase their talents on stage. It provides an outlet for young people to express their energy on the dance floor. GROOVE is the ultimate event for the savvy and younger audience – funkier, edgier and in-your face, bringing together the exciting world of dance with the street-smart urban culture.
The event showcases different dance styles from the pop and jazz dancers, hip-hop crews, to the break dancers, krumpers and freestylers.
Other key performers and acts include the MC, the DEEJAY and a host of singers, rappers and beat boxers that break the monotony, change the tempo and build the atmosphere of the show.
Current Battlegrounds Champions – Xtatic