Friday, September 25, 2009

Pimp Your Mo' Phone

I'm really luvin' the joint "Empire State of Mind" by Hov and Miss Keys. So much so, that it's bumping thru my iPhone speakers every time my fans call me. So, why not share the pleasure. You can download the ringtone by going to insydeRING or simply just click HERE...

IKO NINI?! Friday's

Just like I have the "Hater Monday's", I've now introduced the occasional (I'm not promising to write them every week) - IKO NINI FRIDAY'S. It's really all about creating a ruckus about issues that have been bothering me the whole week. Enjoy...
Mojo Sojo

Enyewe, seriously what is it with Kenyans, especially radio & TV presenters adopting fake accents?...I ain’t namin’ no names! Seriously, as in someone is as Kenyan as Koobi Fora, no infinitesimal sign of foreign influence on him/her, yet (s)he has adopted some crazy accent from sijui-where. Okay, if you have lived in a foreign country from when you were like 6 years old, I understand – your accent has probably been influenced by your school teachers…(I need not remind those Kenyans who went abroad for like 5/6 years and came back with a tweng’ that they are all faking it as well). I mean, think about it; Arnold Schwarzenegger still has an Austrian accent, yet he’s the Governor of California and immigrated to the states more than 40 years ago – I digress.
Most of these wengstars have never even stepped near an airport…. Kuenda Naivasha is the furthest wamefika. Worse still, these so called foreign accents - even wazungu hawaelewi kile wanasema. You find a dude supposedly talking with a British accent that even the British can’t place which part of Britain the ‘accent’ is from (I'm not incriminating anyone from NTV here, by the way...). Keep it real, keep it Kenyan…if you come from abroad after like 40 years (remember the Schwarz?) and got an accent through influence, that is cool, no prob. But if you are suffering from some inferiority complex, whose symptoms include developing an accent…you may as well go for plastic surgery like Whacko Jacko. The worst are those who shrub (wanashema) while using the feigned accent.
And what’s with all these radio stations using a mzungu to do the voice over’s for their ads?! Worst still, the mzungu can’t even pronounce most Kenyan names right! Even Ghetto Radio’s getting in on the act…hello? Sisi ni Wakenya jo, damn it! The mzungu-sounding voice doesn’t make the ads sound better or gistier – just plain foreign. Keep it real.
Iko nini?!

This Is My Song Of The Week

Yaani this song (No Second Dance) has been keeping me going for the past one week. Christopher Martin has to be one of the most promising reggae artists out there today...DJ Full Stop do you agree?

No Second Dance (New Chapter Riddim) - Christopher Martin

A star on the rise. Christopher Martin, the talented singer/performer from Back Pasture in St. Catherine who shot to instant fame and recognition shortly after winning the coveted Digicel Rising Stars title in 2005, is fast becoming one of the most sought after performers on the Jamaican music landscape.

With a slate of singles permeating radio and the Jamaican music charts including “Giving It” and “Jamaican Girls,” Christopher created history when he became the first Digicel Rising Stars alumni to score a hit single on any chart in Jamaica.

Christopher's growth as an artiste and an individual ever since he shot onto the scene in 2005 is quite evident. His vocal chops have improved drastically, he is now under the guidance of the Big Yard label which is one of the most prolific musical entities in Jamaica, and he has gained a lot of respect from his peers.

Martin was born on Valentine's Day in 1987 to parents Cleveland and Maxine Martin. Christopher graduated from high school in 2003. After winning the Digicel Rising Stars competition, Martin participated in Digicel's Christmas promotions in 2005. His debut single “Love is all We Need” formed part of the promotional campaign.

Martin's subsequent releases included Conscience, Christmas in Jamdown featuring the Katalys Crew, My Love for You, Take My Wings, Tonight, Giving It, and Jamaican Girls. He has worked with a number of top producers in the reggae/dancehall arena including Robert Livingston (Big Yard), Arif Cooper, Shane Brown and Christopher Birch.

Martin lists singing, reading, socializing and baking among his hobbies. His website which can be seen by logging on to is up and running. His fans can interact with him via that medium. Very soon, a fan club will be officially launched where fans can get closer to him.

More on Chris Martin Here: