Friday, January 16, 2009

I Like This Song By Skillz

There's a joint called "Rap Up 2008" by a cat called Skillz that's really different. The guy puts the entire year into perspective by rapping about events that happened in 2008. He's really funny in his delivery and doesn't spare anyone-if they deserve to be made fun of. With witty and funny lyrics like...
T.I. got back in gear/Beyonce 'Single Ladies' - mmm, 'Video of the Year'/Heh, it had the guys gettin hyped together/I hope DMX finally get his life together/Man, we got to kill all the drama/Biggest moment EVER - Barack Obama ('Yes, we can!')/First black president, please believe it/I'm just happy that my granny got a chance to see it...
(Click on the picture to download the song)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

DJ Pinye To Celebrate 15 Years in the Game

CHAT Awards winner DJ Pinye celebrates 15 years as a Professional DJ next if you're in form 2 this year, Pinye started spinning when you were born :-) Yah.
Moving will be a double treat for his fans as on the same day he celebrates his birthday! The event is dubbed '15 From SCRATCH' and it goes down at Carni, Friday, 23rd January 2009 from 9 p.m. Damage in saw tatu (300/-)
Pinye promises a DJ line up of Past, Present and Future, with DJ's you would not have expected! Keep it here for more details...

My Top Ten Music for Jan

Just coz January is dry doesn't mean your music selection shouldn't be hot, now should it?
Anywayz, this is the music that's on high rotation on my iPOD at the least until the end of this month.
P.S. For those of you who don't have and iPOD or some form of digital/MP3 music player (these players are now even on mobile phones), you should seriously consider getting one coz you'll find it hard to relate to this blog.

1 Just Dance - Lady Ga Ga

2 Brooklyn Go Hard - Jay Z ft Santogold
3 Breakdown - Seether

4 Bad Girl - Rihanna ft Chris Brown
5 Crack A Bottle - Em ft Dre, 50
6 Letter to BIG - Jada ft Faith Evans
7 Rap Up 2008 - Skillz
8 Video Phone - Beyonce
9 Something in your Mouth - Nickelback
10 Wish U Would - Luda ft TI