Friday, October 30, 2009

Usain Bolt's Into Kenya, Dares Youth To Take Up Sprints

On his first visit to Kenya, Usain Bolt dared Kenya's youth to try their hands (or should I say legs?) at sprinting. I guess coz he's Usain Bolt he can get away with a statement like that. However, the sprinter has a point, and you can't help but think about his challenge. On the other hand, it's not a really well thought out challenge. I mean, you've got to acknowledge the fact that both Kenya and Jamaica have a rich running tradition; we run for a very long time - they run very fast. Fact is; we both produce great runners. Now for the dude to challenge our youth to try their hand at sprinting, is like Bungei challenging Jamaican youth to try their hand at middle and long distance running. C'mon dude, we're dealing the hand we were dealt. We have stamina and Jamaicans have speed. We need to focus on winning those long distance races and you need to be wary of the Americans as you continue to dominate the sprints. Now go to Laikipia and adopt a cheetah. Karibu Kenya!
Mojoh Sojo has spoken

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where To Catch Usain Bolt In Nairobi

The fastest human being readily admits that when he’s not running, his first love is dancing. It is also a fact that the speediest Homo sapien is a party animal. While in Berlin for the World Athletic Championships, he gave event organizers a nightmare as he often sneaked out of his hotel room to hit the clubs and polish his dance moves. And finally, it is quite evident that Bolts loves to get jiggy as witnessed in Elephant Man’s music video for the smash hit ‘Sweep.’

So, if you’re a Kenyan fan of the speedster, and would like to catch a glimpse (or even a snap) of him, then your chances are pretty high if you hang out at a popular Nairobi night club. The big question is; what nightclub? Well, it’s easy to figure out where if you understand the phenom.

1. He loves to dance

2. He loves dancehall music

3. He loves to sneak out of his hotel room

Since Usain Bolt will be chilling out at the Norfolk Hotel, where would the lightning Bolt get his groove on without wandering too far from the hotel?

Firstly, the club would have to be in the CBD. Secondly, it has to be known for playing dancehall music. And finally, it has to be a club where world famous celebrities (including his fellow Jamaicans) frequent while in Kenya. Figured it out yet? Do I have to spell it out to you? If you want to catch Usain Bolt this Saturday, make sure you hang out at........

F2 a.k.a. FLORIDA 2000

Is It Time for Usain Bolt To Slow Down?

Since we're all in Usain Bolt mood right now, I found this rather interesting article written by American athlete Michael Johnson...makes you think a bit about life

As this year’s track-and-field season ends, one thing is clear: there is no one like Usain Bolt. Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, and I broke our share of records. And every sport has its young phenom—its Tiger Woods, its Wayne Gretzky, its Michael Jordan—who breaks records and catapults himself into stardom. But the astonishing thing about Bolt is that he’s just 22 and has achieved every accomplishment possible for a sprinter: he has won world championships and Olympic golds and has broken—indeed, demolished—world records in the 100-meter and 200-meter races. At the World Championships in Berlin this summer he broke records he himself set at the Beijing Olympics last year by more than 0.1 seconds in each, to 9.58 seconds and 19.1 seconds, respectively.

But now it might be time for Bolt to slow down. Physically, there is no doubt he can continue to compete, and there is no telling how fast he might go one day. But mentally, it is a different story. The most difficult thing for a young, accomplished athlete to do is to figure out how to stay motivated. For an athlete who knows before he even arrives at a race that he’s going to win—and one who has already made money and achieved celebrity status, as Bolt has—one has to wonder: where is the drive going to come from? Yes, he could go faster, shattering records yet again. But he has done in two years what it takes other athletes, including myself, more than a decade to do. What else is there to accomplish?

Next year is not a world championship or Olympic year, which are the big years in track and field. So it might be a good year to take time off, focus on charity efforts, refocus on another track event, or just limit the competition perhaps to the Commonwealth Games so that he can participate with his home team, Jamaica. But there is still another reason why it would be good for Bolt to take a break. He has rekindled interest in track and field in America, a nation where team sports generally dominate. But as fast as he is, Bolt will not be breaking records with every race, and over time his speed will begin to take some of the thrill out of watching track events. After all, with Bolt in the race, we already know who is going to win.


Usain Bolt Arrives Tomorrow

World's fastest Man, Usain Bolt is set to visit Kenya in a tour around the African continent this week. He will be coming under the sponsorship of the Zeitz Foundation and will be visiting the motherland for the first time. Bolt will be coming under a Zeitz Foundation program called, “The Long Run", and this program will be launched in Nairobi on Friday, 30 October.

This initiative is organized by Jochen Zeitz, Founder of the Zeitz Foundation alongside Colin Jackson, former Athletic World Champion.

The triple world champion is expected to revive the ecological sustainability of the African Eco-system and his trip to Kenya will aim to market Kenya as a tourism spot around the world.

With the likes of Collin Jackson also accompanying the lightning Bolt, the move is bound to attract sports gurus around the country and the continent at large.

Asked about any performance from the Jamaican's Jochen Zeitz was quick to state: "Our tour is simply based on helping with the revival of the economy and to help Africa as a Continent in becoming a sustainable continent.”

“Our foundation is aimed marketing Kenya as a tourism destination around the world and it will also be home to the Zeitz foundation which we intend to launch the headquarters in Kenya,” he added.

Zeitz Foundation was established to serve as a platform for positive change around the world and is set to promote innovative and holistic approaches that enhance economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Kenya will be home, not only to the headquarters of the Zeitz Foundation, but also a founding member of The Long Run – Segera Destination in Laikipia District.