Thursday, October 29, 2009

Usain Bolt Arrives Tomorrow

World's fastest Man, Usain Bolt is set to visit Kenya in a tour around the African continent this week. He will be coming under the sponsorship of the Zeitz Foundation and will be visiting the motherland for the first time. Bolt will be coming under a Zeitz Foundation program called, “The Long Run", and this program will be launched in Nairobi on Friday, 30 October.

This initiative is organized by Jochen Zeitz, Founder of the Zeitz Foundation alongside Colin Jackson, former Athletic World Champion.

The triple world champion is expected to revive the ecological sustainability of the African Eco-system and his trip to Kenya will aim to market Kenya as a tourism spot around the world.

With the likes of Collin Jackson also accompanying the lightning Bolt, the move is bound to attract sports gurus around the country and the continent at large.

Asked about any performance from the Jamaican's Jochen Zeitz was quick to state: "Our tour is simply based on helping with the revival of the economy and to help Africa as a Continent in becoming a sustainable continent.”

“Our foundation is aimed marketing Kenya as a tourism destination around the world and it will also be home to the Zeitz foundation which we intend to launch the headquarters in Kenya,” he added.

Zeitz Foundation was established to serve as a platform for positive change around the world and is set to promote innovative and holistic approaches that enhance economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Kenya will be home, not only to the headquarters of the Zeitz Foundation, but also a founding member of The Long Run – Segera Destination in Laikipia District.

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