Friday, October 30, 2009

Usain Bolt's Into Kenya, Dares Youth To Take Up Sprints

On his first visit to Kenya, Usain Bolt dared Kenya's youth to try their hands (or should I say legs?) at sprinting. I guess coz he's Usain Bolt he can get away with a statement like that. However, the sprinter has a point, and you can't help but think about his challenge. On the other hand, it's not a really well thought out challenge. I mean, you've got to acknowledge the fact that both Kenya and Jamaica have a rich running tradition; we run for a very long time - they run very fast. Fact is; we both produce great runners. Now for the dude to challenge our youth to try their hand at sprinting, is like Bungei challenging Jamaican youth to try their hand at middle and long distance running. C'mon dude, we're dealing the hand we were dealt. We have stamina and Jamaicans have speed. We need to focus on winning those long distance races and you need to be wary of the Americans as you continue to dominate the sprints. Now go to Laikipia and adopt a cheetah. Karibu Kenya!
Mojoh Sojo has spoken

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