Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jessica Simpson Was Abused in High School

Jessica Simpson’s song, about being abused is not due to Nick Lachey abusing her during their marriage like how it was reported in the gossip columns. It’s about her high school days - “Most people believe Jessica is talking about being abused by a former boyfriend…..Jessica was abused as a teenager while attending J.J Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas-long before she met Nick Lachey or any of her ex-boyfriends,” a sleazy gossip newspaper reports. Jealous classmates reportedly bullied the busty Jess because they were jealous of the show stopping figure that would one day propel the singer’s image as an international sex symbol. “Jessica was well-developed, and every guy in high school wanted her and practically every girl hated her,” an insider (no pun intended) explains. “Jessica put on a brave face, but it was a campaign of terror that just devastated her.” “A nasty clique of girls constantly spread rumours about Jessica, and one that spread like wildfire was that she was gay.” WHARRRR?

St. Austin's Lifts The Insyder Slam Jam Trophy

The Insyder Slam Jam tournament took place last Sunday, 8th March 2009 at Nairobi International Secondary School (NIS). The event was exclusively sponsored by The Insyder magazine. A of schools participated in the championship, which included NIS A, NIS B, Malezi High School, St. Austin’s, Changez and Hospital Hill schools. There was tough competition especially between NIS A & B, St. Austin’s (boys and girls), Malezi (boys and girls). NIS 'A' met St. Austin’s boy’s team finals where St. Austin’s won the championship 28-22. In the girls’ side, St. Austin’s emerged the winners after beating Hospital Hill 13-4. Ivy Mumo and Kevin Omundo, both from St. Austin's, were named the championship MVP's. The Insyder Slam Jam tournament incorporated other basketball related activities such as The Insyder Slam Dunk competition, Half-line challenge, 3-point shootout and Play station Challenge.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chrihanna Soap Opera Episode 6: Chrihanna To Record Duet!!!

I just saw this on E! Online just now and am beginning to wonder if Rihanna’s injuries were just tissue and flesh wounds coz girl being acting kinda strange of late. Like something inside her head also got affected. Don't believe me? Check this story out...
No one can say for sure whether Chris Brown and Rihanna are on the same page, but Brown apparently wants them to be on the same track.
The seemingly reconciled duo have been working on a duet that Brown is hoping to include on his new album, due out later this year, a studio source tells E! News. "They've been working on it together," the insider says.
We have also learned that award-winning record producer Polow Da Don, who has worked with Brown in the past, has been holed up with them at a Santa Monica recording studio for the past several days.
Count Will Smith,
Fergie, Ciara, Usher and Ludacris among the artists Polow, who also penned the Pussycat Dolls' hit single "Buttons," has collaborated. Reps for Brown and Rihanna have not yet responded to E! News' requests for comment.
In the meantime, while E! had learned that Brown's brief hiatus from music making ended more than a week ago
and that he is currently working in Los Angeles on this upcoming album, Rihanna's readiness to record again had remained up in the air until this weekend.
Producer Adonis Shropshire said that the 21-year-old Grammy winner was also back in the studio.
"You have to remember, she's a kid still," he said. "So with anybody who goes through something in the world, you have to bring yourself out of it...I guess her refuge is her music."
Rihanna canceled
a few performances in Asia in the week following Brown's Feb. 8 arrest for allegedly attacking her and has yet to make any (intentional) public appearances since.

Sandra Bullock Stars in Our Celeb Factoid

Date of Birth: 26th July, 1964 (damn! For a 45 year old this woman’s hot)
Real Names: Sandra Annette Bullock
Nickname: Sandy
Height: 5 feet 7.5 inches
High School: Voted "Most Likely To Brighten Up Your Day"
Higher Education: University of North Carolina, Acting Major
First Taster of Showbiz: Going on the road with her German Opera singing mum and younger sister
First Break: Starred in 1993 movie “The Thing Called Love”
Breakthrough Movies: Demolition Man, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
Cult Movies: Speed
Latest Movie Projects: The Lake House, Premonition
Supuu Rankings: Voted on US People magazine ‘50 Most Beautiful List’ in 1999, Empire Magazine’s 100 Most Sexiest Stars in film history (number 27)
Vital Stats: 33B-24-34
Husband: Jesse James (no relation to the wild west outlaw)
Estimated Worth: US$ 10 Mitta

Blackberry on Your Ka-Nokia

The thing I love most about technology is how some piece of equipment or software can be extremely hot and expensive today, completely ordinary and affordable tomorrow and entirely obsolete the day after tomorrow. Take for instance the Blackberry technology that allows you to receive up to the second email on your mo’phone…
It was all the rage when it was launched by Safaricom (or was it Zain?) some time back. The Blackberry devices were being sold for an arm and a leg (the prices have since come down tremendously) coz of the email accessibility features. However, before you give up and resign to the fact that you’ll probably not own a Blackberry this decade, you should realize that you still can send and receive email on your mo’phone!

What’s the deal? Now, there’s this software called Emoze that’s all the rave right now. It turns an ordinary mobile phone (even that ka Nokia 2600) into a personal communication device. In a nutshell, with Emoze, your ordinary mobile phone can have the features of a Blackberry. The best part of about it is – the darn software’s free! Technology, I just love it!
Emoze delivers real-time, secure synchronization of emails, calendars and contacts - pushing data and updates anytime, anywhere using any mobile service provider network or WiFi. With emoze's unique technology, synchronization occurs every time there is an incoming or outgoing event, rather than via periodical checks for change.
Yaani, Emoze enables you to fulfil all your messaging needs on your cheap, low end Nokia phone, including access to several types of email accounts as well as social networks, such as Facebook. You have the option to customize emoze client to fit your personal communications needs in a fully synchronized environment.
To download emoze software for your mobile phone,
Click Here

Is Calif Record's A Case of Tax Evasion or Ignorance?

Reports in the ‘gossip trash’ media circles abound that the KRA has ‘shut down’ Calif Studios because of tax evasion. My first issue with these reports is that they are written in a ‘celebratory’ tone. If Kenya’s biggest and most influential urban music production house has been shut down, it is sad news indeed for Kenya’s entertainment industry – the gossip trash media circles included!
The real issue of concern however is KRA, and especially how they conduct their business of ‘punishing’ tax defaulters. We’re living under the dark cloud of a ‘global recession’ and world markets are crushing like the gunny bag dykes in Budalangi during the rainy season. The result; massive unemployment. Now why in common sense’s name would KRA want to shut down a business model that’s creating employment?
Despite the media reports, I strongly believe that Calif Records were not evading taxes; they were simply ignorant about taxation and everything else concerned with giving unto Caesar what is his. If the Government of Kenya and all its agencies (read KRA in this case) is serious about creating employment, they should seriously think about educating young business people about tax.

Mojo Sojo