Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blackberry on Your Ka-Nokia

The thing I love most about technology is how some piece of equipment or software can be extremely hot and expensive today, completely ordinary and affordable tomorrow and entirely obsolete the day after tomorrow. Take for instance the Blackberry technology that allows you to receive up to the second email on your mo’phone…
It was all the rage when it was launched by Safaricom (or was it Zain?) some time back. The Blackberry devices were being sold for an arm and a leg (the prices have since come down tremendously) coz of the email accessibility features. However, before you give up and resign to the fact that you’ll probably not own a Blackberry this decade, you should realize that you still can send and receive email on your mo’phone!

What’s the deal? Now, there’s this software called Emoze that’s all the rave right now. It turns an ordinary mobile phone (even that ka Nokia 2600) into a personal communication device. In a nutshell, with Emoze, your ordinary mobile phone can have the features of a Blackberry. The best part of about it is – the darn software’s free! Technology, I just love it!
Emoze delivers real-time, secure synchronization of emails, calendars and contacts - pushing data and updates anytime, anywhere using any mobile service provider network or WiFi. With emoze's unique technology, synchronization occurs every time there is an incoming or outgoing event, rather than via periodical checks for change.
Yaani, Emoze enables you to fulfil all your messaging needs on your cheap, low end Nokia phone, including access to several types of email accounts as well as social networks, such as Facebook. You have the option to customize emoze client to fit your personal communications needs in a fully synchronized environment.
To download emoze software for your mobile phone,
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