Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jessica Simpson Was Abused in High School

Jessica Simpson’s song, about being abused is not due to Nick Lachey abusing her during their marriage like how it was reported in the gossip columns. It’s about her high school days - “Most people believe Jessica is talking about being abused by a former boyfriend…..Jessica was abused as a teenager while attending J.J Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas-long before she met Nick Lachey or any of her ex-boyfriends,” a sleazy gossip newspaper reports. Jealous classmates reportedly bullied the busty Jess because they were jealous of the show stopping figure that would one day propel the singer’s image as an international sex symbol. “Jessica was well-developed, and every guy in high school wanted her and practically every girl hated her,” an insider (no pun intended) explains. “Jessica put on a brave face, but it was a campaign of terror that just devastated her.” “A nasty clique of girls constantly spread rumours about Jessica, and one that spread like wildfire was that she was gay.” WHARRRR?

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