Friday, October 23, 2009

Lil' Wayne Will Be Kissing More Than Baby Next Year

Rapper Lil' Wayne, 27, is going to jail. Indeed, as part of the plea bargain, he's set to see one year in prison. Originally, Lil' Wayne, or Dwayne Carter III, was charged with one count of criminal possession of a loaded weapon and one count of criminal possession of a weapon. These charges stemmed from a July 22, 2007 incident in which his tour bus was searched after a concert at New York's Beacon Theater.

The incident began when police pulled over Lil Wayne's tour bus shortly after it left the Beacon Theater. Authorities said they had seen, as well as smelled marijuana smoke wafting out the bus door. When police approached Lil' Wayne, he tossed aside a Louis Vuitton bag containing the firearm.

Authorities tied Lil' Wayne to the gun with a DNA test. Originally, his lawyer attempted to question the validity of the test, after a hearing on the test yesterday, Lil' Wayne apparently decided going to jail for a year was the better part of valor.

Lil' Wayne's trial was set to begin on Jan. 20. The judge has now scheduled the next hearing for Dec. 15, at which point the case will be adjourned until February for sentencing. After that, it's Lil' Wayne going to jail.

It's a good thing Weezy's 'always strapped' coz the big house ain't a picnic.

Mojo Sojoh has spoken.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

MJ Will Is A Fake!

The MJ soap opera continues...

Apparently, MJ didn't sign his will and it might've been signed by an impostor. At least according to MJ's brah. Michael Jackson’s brother is claiming that the King of Pop did not sign his 2002 will, saying that he was nowhere near the place the document was supposedly inked.

Younger brother Randy Jackson told TMZ that Michael was in New York July 5th through July 9th on a campaign against then Sony president Tommy Mottola at the time. The will, however, was signed July 7th at 5:00PM in Los Angeles.

The lawyer for Jackson’s estate, Howard Weitzman, told TMZ that the witnesses to the will were face-to-face with Jackson when he signed the document. However, Weitzman did not say if the will was signed in Los Angeles, even though the document refers to the city.

TMZ also spoke with Al Sharpton’s rep, Rachel Noerdlinger, who confirmed that both Sharpton and Jackson were protesting Mottola in New York together in 2002 on July 6th and July 8th. Through a statement Sharpton’s rep said, “We have reason to believe that Michael may have been in NY on the 7th and Rev. Sharpton will address this after he discusses it with the Jackson family.”

Michael Jackson suffered a fatal cardiac arrest on June 25th. Prior to his death, he was preparing for a series of 50 concerts to be held at the O2 Arena in London called “This Is It.” A film documenting the concert series, titled Michael Jackson's This Is It, is scheduled to be released on October 28th.

Kenyan MC Wins BET Rap Competition

A Kenyan rapper, Kanja The Afrikan King, last Wednesday night won the 'Wild Out Wednesday' singing competition on BET (Black Entertainment Television). Starting as the 2nd of three competitors, Kanja together with a vocalist called Naomi performed his lead single "Shortie Say Ey" to a screaming crowd. A resident of Maryland, what was interesting is that Kanja was introduced as coming from Nairobi, Kenya.

According to his management company, Reflections Management, Kanja is one of the fastest rising world music, hip hop acts. Read full artist bio below:

Kanja Muchoki known as KANJA THE AFRIKAN KING, is a rising international star bringing a new, unique, artistic sound to the industry. Born in London, U.K, of Kenyan parents, his rich African background and his unique musical talents are blended nicely with a serious flare of originality. Speaking his native languages of Kikuyu and Swahili has also added on to his creativity in his music.

Domestic and international performances include Africa, London, Amsterdam, U.K, and Sweden. He has opened concert performances for Raheem Devaughn, J. Holiday, & Slim from 112. Featured on the MTV base network in Kenya, Africa, where he also did an interview with Raheem Devaughn (Jive).

He is known for making a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and reggae music. providing the world with a different sound of rhythmic melodies. He is also a very powerful songwriter who is currently working on celebrity artist’s projects all over the world. touring the world since the age of 15, his young and innovative ways of creating music have created an a major buzz around the music industry.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RIP Kanye West

A hoax posting on Twitter claiming that Kanye West had been killed in a car crash has taken the internet by storm. 'RIP Kanye West' has become the top trending topic on the site and the top Google search term around the world just hours after someone falsely posted that the rapper was dead. West's girlfriend Amber Rose moved quickly to quash the rumours on her own Twitter page, Said Amber Rose on her Twitter page, "This RIPKanyeWest topic is not funny and it's NOT TRUE!" she wrote. "He has people like myself and his family that love him very much. It's in extreme poor taste to have that as a trendy topic. It's totally disrespectful to make up a story like this, we're all human and we all make mistakes and to say someone died cuz of a mistake is ridiculous. U wouldn't want someone to say that about u." Question is; where’s Kanye right now?

Good Luck To All 404's

I would like to take this chance to wish all KCSE candidates the best of luck in your exams. I guess the one's who haven't prepared well will need more luck than those who have - but that's another issue. I also don't want to get into the issue of why exams or tests are not the best way to prepare people for the future and arm them intellectually for the 21st Century, but then again, I will be digressing. This is simply a sincere gesture from me, Mojoh Sojo, to all 404 candidates. Good luck y'all! And no cheating please!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kenyatta Family Should Give Land To IDP's

I'm a very patriotic Kenyan and indeed extremely passionate about my country. One of the most significant holidays we celebrate in this country is Kenyatta Day. I don't have much to say about this holiday, just a note from our Facebook site (The Insyder Magazine on Facebook) that I saw earlier today. Even any of you know Uhuru (or any brat from the Kenyatta family, please hook them up with this story)...

We got this from the Mars Group website (

The growing land crisis in the country, experts say, will be difficult to solve because the most powerful people in the country are also among its biggest landowners. However, as we celebrate Kenyatta Day, one of Kenya’s biggest land owners can help alleviate this crisis somewhat. The Kenyatta family should mark the day named after their patriarch, by donating some of the land they own to landless Kenyans.

When you consider how much land Kenya’s first family really own, it’s actually not too much of a request.

The Genesis of the Kenyatta Family Land Ownership
During Kenyatta’s 15-year tenure in State House, there was an elaborate scheme funded by the World Bank and the British Government, the Settlement Transfer Fund Scheme, under which the family “legally” acquired large pieces of land all over the country. Yaani, the World Back and the former colonial government funded the ‘Settlement Transfer Fund Scheme’ which was supposed to “buy” back land stolen by the colonial British government and give it back to Kenyans. Somehow, the Kenyatta family ended up owning hundreds of thousands of acres of land through this scheme.

The Kenyatta Family Land Ownership Breakdown

1. The extended Kenyatta family alone owns an estimated 500,000 acres of land in Kenya.
NB: Most of the holders of the huge parcels of land are concentrated within the 17.2 % part of the country that is arable. The remaining 80 % is mostly arid and semi arid land.
According to the Kenya Land Alliance, more than a half of the arable land in the country is in the hands of only 20 per cent of the 30 million Kenyans. That has left up to 13 per cent of the population absolutely landless while another 67 per cent on average own less than an acre per person.

2. The Kenyatta family also owns 24, 000 acres in Taveta sub-district (adjacent to the 74, 000 acres owned by former MP Basil Criticos).
3. Others are 50, 000 acres in Taita that is currently under Mrs Beth Mugo, Minister for Public Health & Sanitation and niece of the first President
4. They also own 29, 000 acres in Kahawa Sukari along the Nairobi Thika highway
5. 10, 000 acre Gichea Farm in Gatundu
6. A 5, 000 acre tract of land in Thika
7. 9,000 acres in Kasarani
8. 5, 000-acre Muthaita Farm.
9. The Brookside Farm, Green Lee Estate, Njagu Farm all in Juja (size unknown)
10. A quarry in Dandora in Nairobi
11. A 10, 000-acre ranch in Naivasha
12. A 52,000-acre farm in Nakuru
13. A 20,000-acre one, also known as Gichea Farm, in Bahati under Kenyatta’s daughter, Margaret
14. A 10, 000 acre farm in Rumuruti owned by former first lady Mama Ngina
15. A 40,000 acre farm in Endebes, Rift Valley Province
16. A 1,000-acre farm in Dagoretti owned by Kenyatta’s first wife Wahu
The acreage quoted in this report (Mars Group report) is not extracted from official government records there are none and those that exist are scattered and some cases incomplete but are estimates based on close to a year of interviews with farm staff, independent surveyors, Ministry of Lands experts and land rights NGOs.

Under President Kenyatta, most of the power wielders either formed or were associated with land buying companies through which they acquired huge chunks of land around the country, especially at the Coast and in Rift Valley. They took most of the land previously owned by the former white settlers, which had initially been earmarked for resettling those who had been turned into squatters by the colonial land policies.
Try and enjoy your Kenyatta Day.

P Diddy Loses Ring At BET Show

Wott? We thought these things happen only in Kenya. Well it happened to P Diddy as well, on set at BET's 106 & Park. Sean “Diddy” Combs’ recent promotional stop at BET’s 106 and Park came with a heavy price when the mogul accidentally threw away a ring worth $20,000. The blunder happened while Diddy appeared on stage with his new group Dirty Money. The trio threw pro During the “making it rain” session, Combs’ ring mistakenly came off and was picked up by an unknown party. Afterward, the audience was frisked one by one in an effort to locate the expensive item. Unfortunately, the security team failed to find the ring. Combs took the financial loss in stride, and voiced his disappointment on Twitter . “The craziest s**t just happened to me lol,” Diddy tweeted. “I guess its s**ttin on me season. Enjoy it while it lasts!!!! Lol Life is crazy!”motional bills mixed with real money into the crowd as they made their way on stage. Regarding the new album Last Train to Paris, Diddy framed his new label home Interscope as the place where he will create a new music dynasty. “Nothing has really changed, it’s just the future. The best way I can explain it is when Kevin Garnett was playing for the Timberwolves and he got traded to the Celtics," Combs stated. "I’m going for my ring right now, my championship…I’m not out here trying to sing like I’m Trey Songz, Usher, or Luther Vandross. It’s more the emotions that are going on in my head and using my voice as an instrument.” Diddy’s Last Train to Paris is set to drop in early 2010 on Bad Boy/Interscope. Daily News - : Diddy Loses $20k Jewelry Item at 106 Daily News - : Diddy Loses $20k Jewelry Item at 106 & Park

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