Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jua's Moto Keeps On Burning!

Just when you thought JuaCali’s star can’t shine any brighter, he outdoes himself and illuminates the entertainment world even more! Dude has recently received a nomination nod from the UK based MOBO Awards. Over the weekend, he received to gongs at the Kisima Awards. Motorola, Cadbury and Protex are riding high with his endorsements deals and his name keeps pulling in the crowds by the thousands. Just how did JuaCali get to put a chokehold on the entertainment industry?
Now, we all know that the Chaguo La Teeniez Awards have always been the Kenyan music industry trendsetter. Early this year teeniez endorsed JuaCali as the Teeniez Male Artist and Teeniez Role Model. Less than a month after that, JuaCali was the proud ambassador of mobile phone brand Motorola. It is no secret that his cult-like status amongst Kenya’s youth was confirmed during the April awards ceremony, but the greater revelation about his larger-than-life persona was his confirmation as the official Teeniez Role Model. From then on, the corporate world saw him as a ‘safe’ brand and decided to exploit his star status. Since his sterling performance at the CHAT Awards, it has been a hectic celebrity life for the California Estate resident, born Paul Nunda. If there is any musician right now; Urban Pop, Genge, Boomba Pop, River Road, Gospel, Choir…just about any genre you can think of, none is enjoying celebrity endorsement status like JuaCali. The Eastlands rapper is currently enjoying a Motorola ambassador endorsement and has been taking time out to showcase the Motorola W Series of handsets, with appearances, signings and performances. "Jua Cali is part of the Motorola family and we have been honoured to have worked with them in the recent past," said Joanne Doyle, Motorola marketing manager for East Africa. "Jua has been a great ambassador and like Motorola, is all about creativity, style and substance so we could not be happier that his hard work has been recognized…," she said.
With his star shooting higher to the heavens, could this be the beginning of the birth of true Kenyan celebrities? Music superstars who not only command celebrity status in top magazines like The Insyder, but also command endorsement dollars? Or is JuaCali just a flash in the pan, and his superstar bubble is just about to burst and return him to being a mere newspaper pullout celebrity?