Friday, September 26, 2008

Who’s Got More Swagger: Ye, Hov, Wizzy or TIP?

If by now, T.I.’s runaway joint ‘Swagger Like Us’ hasn’t breezed through your ear drums, then you must be from Krypton n***a! ‘Leaked’ off his upcoming ‘Paper Chase’ album, ‘Swagger Like Us’ in my opinion, is probably the tightest rap track to be released in about 3 years! The joint features Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil’ Wayne, while T.I.P. winds it down at the end. The chorus is nicked off a track called ‘Paper Planes’ by a chica called M.I.A. or Mia (am not sure). The producer kinda did a remix to her voice, so she kind of sounds like a kid in the joint. You can check out the joint here:

Aaaaanywayz, back to the issue I was gettin’ at originally. You’ve listened to the track…if you haven’t, sample this…
Who Serves Up Mo Swagga?
Aaaaanywayz, back to the issue I was gettin’ at – now that you’ve listened to Swagger Like Us (the video hasn’t chucked, by the way); in your opinion, who kills it in the track?
Here’s my 2 cents, I have rated the MC’s on a scale of 1 – 5, with 1 being totally whack:

YE: He opens lame, descends to mediocrity and what’s with the T Pain effect? It’s really overrated and overused! It’s like Kanye was freestyling after smoking a few joints – coz there’s still some of his brilliance, but it’s buried…somewhere in the mundane lyrics - 2.5

HOV: When you run out lines, just borrow from the chorus and you can still make an impression just by repeating yourself, repeat repeating yourself, repeat repeating yourself – 3.5

WEEZY: I can bet you 100k that Lil’ Wayne didn’t have time to prepare for this session and he was too hazed to freestyle anything that makes sense: When it comes to styles I got several/sharper than a swagger, dagger all metal…???!! 1.5

T.I.: A career defining performance. If you’re goin’ to invite the heaviest hitters in the game to lace some verses on your joint/you’ve got to be on point. In my opinion, TIP kills it here – 4.5
Hit me up, let me know who brings mo' swagga to your ear drum.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mejja Madtraxx & Jimw@t Album Project In The Lab?

MMJ Could Be Title Of Album
The October issue of the coolest mag in the planet – The Insyder, carries the main story of the hottest trio in the music business right now. But Mejja, Madtraxx and Jimwizzy are not letting their rise to fame get to their heads. Already, the trio are busy working on a third single. Though they refused to divulge any information to The Insyder, the trio are aggressively working on a triple-threat album project. They intend to release their next single in October and embark on a 6-track album. The album, which Calif insiders claim will be called MMJ, will feature two tracks in which each of the 3 artists will feature as the lead MC. They expect the MMJ album project to be out around end November, when schools are closing for the year. It looks like the hottest trio in the biz right now are not slowing down anytime soon. Keep it locked to this blog to listen to the new single the moment it drops.

This blogger wants to know; can the MMJ combination keep releasing the hits or are they pushing their luck?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keroro Poisoning Puts Prezzo In ICU

Prezzo finally emerged from the woods (should we say 'the wards?') and confronted all those who were spreading ugly rumours about his health. The self-styled ‘King of Bling’ however publicly accepted that he was a victim of an alleged alcohol poisoning. Speaking live on KTN’s ‘Str8 UP’ show, Prezzo confessed that he had indeed been admitted to the Nairobi Hospital after 'suffering' from a case of keroro poisoning...hmmm.
What’s your take on this; do you think Prezzo was really admitted for alcohol poisoning?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Roundi Hii, Ni Mezesha!!

Mejja, Madtraxx & Jimwizzy Take Us To The Lab!
Yiieah! Ever wondered what the secret formula to a perfect hit-making trio is? Well, continue wondering until September 29th - then cop the October issue of the coolest mag in the planet - The Insyder, to find out what our beat daktari's have in store for you.

Celebs and Exams
So you think they just pick up the mic, get down to it on the floor and they become celebs; think again. They first had to sweat it out with their exams so they could reach for their dreams. Amani, Eve De Souza, Clemo, Pam, Ferdi, Roba, plus the Mejja, Madtraxx and Jimw@ trio have a word for you on exams and life choices.

The Insyder Kru Special
Only The Insyder makes it rain for teeniez in Kenya! Last holz, two lucky teeniez not only got to hang out with some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry, they also got to interview them! What?! Yiieah!

Our two The Insyder Qru (formely Kru) recruits, spent some of their hols rubbing shoulders with the big stars in the music biz. Check out Ebbe, 404 (Highie), hangin' out with Nigeria duo P-Square and Diana, 202 (Pangoe), chillin' wid Wahu and Bobby Wine during their video shoot.

Street Style
A popular trend on the street right now is the long top and tights. Check out the right way to work it and see how the stars are carrying it off.

Official Obama Mixtape To Be Released Friday

Mega superstars like Kanye West, John Legend and Stevie Wonder will be featured on the official soundtrack to Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement.
According to the Associated Press, the disc will be sold exclusively via Obama’s campaign for 1,725 bob if purchased online and 2,070/- for a physical copy. Profits will aid in helping fund his campaign through the Presidential Election on November 4.
While the project will consist primarily of previously recorded tracks like John Mayer’s “Waiting On the World To Change” and Wonder’s 70’s hit “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours,” new songs by Malik Yusef featuring Kanye and Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine and John Legend will also be included.
Obama has received wide acclaim especially from the hip-hop community as Ye, N.E.R.D. and Wyclef Jean were all tagged for last month’s Democratic Convention in Denver, Colorado. West even voiced his opinion while at the event admiring the presidential hopeful’s impact. “It’s an incredible time to be around,” he told the Democratic National Convenction crowd. “I wish my momma could have seen this day.”
Various hip-hop artists like Young Jeezy, Common and the Black Eyed Pea’s have each publicly displayed support for Obama.
Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement will be for sale on Friday, September 26.

Now for my big question: As a Kenyan, will you buy the original Obama mixtape or are you just going to download the bootleg?