Friday, September 26, 2008

Who’s Got More Swagger: Ye, Hov, Wizzy or TIP?

If by now, T.I.’s runaway joint ‘Swagger Like Us’ hasn’t breezed through your ear drums, then you must be from Krypton n***a! ‘Leaked’ off his upcoming ‘Paper Chase’ album, ‘Swagger Like Us’ in my opinion, is probably the tightest rap track to be released in about 3 years! The joint features Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil’ Wayne, while T.I.P. winds it down at the end. The chorus is nicked off a track called ‘Paper Planes’ by a chica called M.I.A. or Mia (am not sure). The producer kinda did a remix to her voice, so she kind of sounds like a kid in the joint. You can check out the joint here:

Aaaaanywayz, back to the issue I was gettin’ at originally. You’ve listened to the track…if you haven’t, sample this…
Who Serves Up Mo Swagga?
Aaaaanywayz, back to the issue I was gettin’ at – now that you’ve listened to Swagger Like Us (the video hasn’t chucked, by the way); in your opinion, who kills it in the track?
Here’s my 2 cents, I have rated the MC’s on a scale of 1 – 5, with 1 being totally whack:

YE: He opens lame, descends to mediocrity and what’s with the T Pain effect? It’s really overrated and overused! It’s like Kanye was freestyling after smoking a few joints – coz there’s still some of his brilliance, but it’s buried…somewhere in the mundane lyrics - 2.5

HOV: When you run out lines, just borrow from the chorus and you can still make an impression just by repeating yourself, repeat repeating yourself, repeat repeating yourself – 3.5

WEEZY: I can bet you 100k that Lil’ Wayne didn’t have time to prepare for this session and he was too hazed to freestyle anything that makes sense: When it comes to styles I got several/sharper than a swagger, dagger all metal…???!! 1.5

T.I.: A career defining performance. If you’re goin’ to invite the heaviest hitters in the game to lace some verses on your joint/you’ve got to be on point. In my opinion, TIP kills it here – 4.5
Hit me up, let me know who brings mo' swagga to your ear drum.

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