Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Keroro Poisoning Puts Prezzo In ICU

Prezzo finally emerged from the woods (should we say 'the wards?') and confronted all those who were spreading ugly rumours about his health. The self-styled ‘King of Bling’ however publicly accepted that he was a victim of an alleged alcohol poisoning. Speaking live on KTN’s ‘Str8 UP’ show, Prezzo confessed that he had indeed been admitted to the Nairobi Hospital after 'suffering' from a case of keroro poisoning...hmmm.
What’s your take on this; do you think Prezzo was really admitted for alcohol poisoning?

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i guess a little respondsibleship is too much to ask for.dude,nonini on his bars mentioned some like"ukiona venye unapendwa na watu wengi,pia kuna wengine wanaweza like hata u deady.always remember the 1st command in hiphop and cyiculation they all in one.about poison i don't know.