Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Roundi Hii, Ni Mezesha!!

Mejja, Madtraxx & Jimwizzy Take Us To The Lab!
Yiieah! Ever wondered what the secret formula to a perfect hit-making trio is? Well, continue wondering until September 29th - then cop the October issue of the coolest mag in the planet - The Insyder, to find out what our beat daktari's have in store for you.

Celebs and Exams
So you think they just pick up the mic, get down to it on the floor and they become celebs; think again. They first had to sweat it out with their exams so they could reach for their dreams. Amani, Eve De Souza, Clemo, Pam, Ferdi, Roba, plus the Mejja, Madtraxx and Jimw@ trio have a word for you on exams and life choices.

The Insyder Kru Special
Only The Insyder makes it rain for teeniez in Kenya! Last holz, two lucky teeniez not only got to hang out with some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry, they also got to interview them! What?! Yiieah!

Our two The Insyder Qru (formely Kru) recruits, spent some of their hols rubbing shoulders with the big stars in the music biz. Check out Ebbe, 404 (Highie), hangin' out with Nigeria duo P-Square and Diana, 202 (Pangoe), chillin' wid Wahu and Bobby Wine during their video shoot.

Street Style
A popular trend on the street right now is the long top and tights. Check out the right way to work it and see how the stars are carrying it off.

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