Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mejja Madtraxx & Jimw@t Album Project In The Lab?

MMJ Could Be Title Of Album
The October issue of the coolest mag in the planet – The Insyder, carries the main story of the hottest trio in the music business right now. But Mejja, Madtraxx and Jimwizzy are not letting their rise to fame get to their heads. Already, the trio are busy working on a third single. Though they refused to divulge any information to The Insyder, the trio are aggressively working on a triple-threat album project. They intend to release their next single in October and embark on a 6-track album. The album, which Calif insiders claim will be called MMJ, will feature two tracks in which each of the 3 artists will feature as the lead MC. They expect the MMJ album project to be out around end November, when schools are closing for the year. It looks like the hottest trio in the biz right now are not slowing down anytime soon. Keep it locked to this blog to listen to the new single the moment it drops.

This blogger wants to know; can the MMJ combination keep releasing the hits or are they pushing their luck?

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