Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where To Catch Usain Bolt In Nairobi

The fastest human being readily admits that when he’s not running, his first love is dancing. It is also a fact that the speediest Homo sapien is a party animal. While in Berlin for the World Athletic Championships, he gave event organizers a nightmare as he often sneaked out of his hotel room to hit the clubs and polish his dance moves. And finally, it is quite evident that Bolts loves to get jiggy as witnessed in Elephant Man’s music video for the smash hit ‘Sweep.’

So, if you’re a Kenyan fan of the speedster, and would like to catch a glimpse (or even a snap) of him, then your chances are pretty high if you hang out at a popular Nairobi night club. The big question is; what nightclub? Well, it’s easy to figure out where if you understand the phenom.

1. He loves to dance

2. He loves dancehall music

3. He loves to sneak out of his hotel room

Since Usain Bolt will be chilling out at the Norfolk Hotel, where would the lightning Bolt get his groove on without wandering too far from the hotel?

Firstly, the club would have to be in the CBD. Secondly, it has to be known for playing dancehall music. And finally, it has to be a club where world famous celebrities (including his fellow Jamaicans) frequent while in Kenya. Figured it out yet? Do I have to spell it out to you? If you want to catch Usain Bolt this Saturday, make sure you hang out at........

F2 a.k.a. FLORIDA 2000

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