Monday, September 07, 2009

Nokia Returns The Favour To Apple

So Apple (the company that makes the Macintosh computers, iPODs, etc.), an organization that had predominantly been a computer manufacturer, entered in the mobile phone market with the launch of the iPhone kindu like 3 years ago. The launch of the iPhone caused jitters amongst mobile phone manufacturers, coz Apple was brining its computer and music player expertise into the mobile phone market. Now, one of the mobile phone manufacturing companies have decided to return the favour to Apple.

Nokia has entered the laptop market with a product which has focus on…well, connectivity! You can go online anywhere like with your mobile and you can access their music store (free, I assume) like their phones, that “Comes with Music”. I wonder if they will sell with some sort of subscription services. Anyways very interesting.

As for the style it looks like they have taken substantial cues from the Macbooks. Looks decent.

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