Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do The Gully Creepa Creepa...

It’s like the hottest dance on the planet, but who’s losing sleep over it?....Anyway, the holidaze are here and if you don’t already know how to do the Gully Creepa, don’t worry, The Insyder and the hottest dance kru in the land, Al Kaeda, got ya back. We gonna break down the Gully Creepa for you so dat you can also be shaking it all the way down...

Gully Creepa Lyrics

Mr.Wakie a di teacha
but a ice a bus da beat ya
everybody in a di street
jus a do di gully creepa creepa
people uno see it ya
even senorita
wha when u hear da beat ya
wha it name gully creepa
move u back n move u shoulda
move u foot dem like a rolla
mek up u face jus like a creepa den u do di gully creepa creepa
gully getting deepa n di hills dem getting steepa
di dance dem getting sweeta
gully creepa

wi go prendys pon a sunday
uptown wi de a monday
wha uno tink se it done de a fire a lik me son den
dance dem jus a come de kitchen carpet pon de ground de
D & G drop di bom dem so no boda buss di gun dem

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