Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nightmares of a White Christmas

What, with our man BO becoming US president and Will Smith playing the first black 007 secret agent, I feel that in this day and age, Christmas is still too European (or British, to be more precise). That's over 40 years into our post-colonial history.
There are elements about Christmas that have absolutely nothing to do with the occasion. In case you forgot, Christmas is the time when people of the Christian faith celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Now, tell me, what has this occasion got to do with;
A potbellied, bearded white man, who likes hanging around children, giving them gifts?…I swear, if the dude was black, then bleached himself to look white, lost about 90 kilos, he’d kinda be Michael Jackson.
The concept of Santa Claus is cool; what really ticks me off is when you see shopping malls (and even residential homes) bringing to life the Christmas theme using artificial snow! SNOW! What? The only snow I’ve ever seen is atop Mt. Kenya, and the last time I checked, Jesus was born in a horse shed somewhere in the Middle East! The Middle East is a vast, sandy and harsh land and the only snow they have is made by machines in Dubai.
My problem is that we continue looking at this religious holiday from a British perspective. Can we put on our African glasses and get a reality check on life, please!

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