Monday, November 17, 2008

An Open Letter To Nonini

Dear Hubert,
My friend: If you happen to see my grief and should you say to me, as Gidi said to Maji, “What’s wrong with you?” I fear that I cannot answer you without engaging my fists. Therefore, dear friend, I write this letter as an expression of my grief as to how you have treated me.
Dear Herbo, I am indeed concerned with your selective memory as exhibited in your latest outing, ‘Kumbuka.’ Herbo, as you reminisce about the days gone by and the first person you kissed, you forgot someone who played a vital part in you becoming Nonini.
Nakitare, I remember as if it was yesterday, when we shared such great moments. How could you forget all these great times? Dude, tumetoka mbali mseiya!
Remember, if you will, back in ’01 when we went to perform in Mang’u High. Do you recall how you brought the house down and the boys refused to go for their supper? Noo-nini! Ninaninini!
Can you rewind to that moment in ’02 when we went to Nairobi School? Do you remember even the female teachers getting on stage with you and your boy Jua? Hizo vidoleee...
Do you remember in November the same year… you stopped the show at Leavers Rock? You got on stage with a humongous motor cycle and teeniez countrywide didn’t stop talking about the stunt?
Rewind to ’04 and the whole world turned against you! Or did they? We provided you with the platform to redeem yourself…Favourite Male Artist the teeniez screamed! Despite the fact that Redsan was ‘Apakatweing’ them and Prezzo was redefining bling culture. Where are the haterz now?
When we started out, the both of us, we were nothing. No one knew about us. No one cared. We just did our thing, to the best of our ability. Now that you’re somebody, you’ve chosen to have selective memory. You’ve forgotten about the tough path we traveled over 8 years ago. Well we haven’t forgotten those days that shaped you…take a look at these pictures and refresh your memory

Yaani, after all those years hauwezi kutukumbuka?

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