Saturday, November 01, 2008

Time To Take The Mobile Phone Service Providers To School!

Yesterday, Zain launched the youth-centric ‘Club 20’ Sub Tariff (I really don’t know what else to call it) at the University of Nairobi with great pomp and festivities, at the same time, an Orange ad in one of the leading youth newspaper pullouts confirmed the company had sponsored one of the most prestigious university beauty pageants in the country; Mr & Miss USIU. It’s evident for all to see, the next mobile phone wars will be fought within the campus grounds. Right now, who stands the best chance of winning the war?

They hit the competition with the Vuka Tariff; giving us the opportunity to make ‘affordable’ 8/- phone calls across all the networks. Then they hit us with the Club 20 Sub Tariff, where for just 20 bob, we can make free calls between 10pm and 6am, and SMS for free the entire day! Vuka Tariff rates apply for the Club 20 Sub Tariff. So that means between 6:01am - 9:59pm, we can still make those 'affordable' calls across all networks for only (hint of sarcasm here) 8 bob, but remember all SMS's are free, free, free!

So what's the reality on the ground for the young mobile phone user? What does the Vuka Tariff and its Club 20 sub tariff really offer us? Check out the tables below taken from the Zain Kenya website...

To be continued…

Next network going under the microscope:

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