Saturday, November 01, 2008

Nakumatt Thika Road Demolished by Bulldozers

This just in: Nakumatt Thika Road is down! Nakumatt Thika Road iko chini waseiya!
The Nakumatt on Thika Road has just been brought down by Ministry of Roads bulldozers. The demolition, which started at around 6am, is on going as I (Mojo Sojo) upload this story. The demolition has also caused a massive snarl up on Thika Road, as neighbouring residents loot the mega mart. In scenes reminscent to Kisumu earlier this year, witnesses have reported seeing people carrying plasma televisions, fridges, cookers and carpets from the supermarket! It is alleged that the Nakumatt chain of supermarkets were aware of the intended demolition, as the particular supermarket sits on the road reserve. Keep it locked for more update on this story...

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