Monday, October 27, 2008

It's The Dance Battle November Issue

The Dance Face Off: Al Kaeda vs FBI
Get the lowdown on arguably the 2 hottest high school dance groups ever!!!! You only see ‘em on stage during gigs and that’s the much you know about them. . . right? Well, The Insyder gives you the 411 on who they are personally, which school they are reppin’, their love-life status (wink wink) and their take on the shadiest celeb dancers.

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’08 Momentos: The Gift And The Curse
We take you back down memory lane (to the beginning of the year, that is) and highlight the moments that moved the year 2008. From the unfortunate school strikes to the prestigious CHAT awards, look at the best and worst moments of the year.

The Insyder Hottest Honiez
It’s baaaack!!!! Walalalala – check out the hottiez bringing it on on the first wave (Raundi Hii). Jamaaz, be ready to wipe saliva off your magazines and as for the chiquittas, be ready to check out who’s giving you serious compe in high school. Also, get to vote for the honie of your choice for exclusive I-wear merchandise.

Seen On The Scene
Missed the hottest funkie of the term? Don’t worry, we got 2 pages worth of ill and exclusive pix of what went down.

Swagger Like Us
Check out the lyrical swagger of T.I. , Hova, Kanye West (Kanyizze), and Weezy. Who got the hottest verse??? Did T.I. make it a hot line while the rest made it a hot song???. . .

Top 8 in ‘08
Check out the top 8 gospel artists of the year who kept your spirituality in check.

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