Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kanunga High 404's Arrested By Cops

10 teeniez from Kanunga High were yesterday arrested in Nairobi City's Central Business District (CBD). There were part of a group of about 250 students who had marched from Kanunga, in Kiambu East District to present what the called a "Statement" to media houses in Nairobi. It is alleged that the Kanunga dudes, mainly 404's, were planning a strike this Friday after completing their final KCSE exams. The head teacher got wind of the plot and immediately dialled 999. The cops swarmed Kanunga High and dispersed the students. The students claim that they were not planning to strike and the were unjustly mistreated by the police.
We'll keep you posted as this story unravels...

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