Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Teeniez Prefer To Connect Online Via Mo’Phones

Without a doubt, irrespective of Hon. Ongeri’s directive, cell phones are the most popular gadgets for teeniez. According to a new study from Youth Dynamix Research, teens don't just want a mo’phone. They want a celly that’s connected. Text messaging, web-based applications, photo sharing and social networking are among the favourites for teeniez.
What other things do teeniez want with their mo’phones?
Being able to quickly connect with friends (71%) and family (63%) were the top reasons teeniez are using their celly’s. Other popular reasons why teeniez are using mo’phonez are (in order of popularity and use):
Text messaging (SMS) 72%
Calling Friends 71%
Calling Family 64%
Taking photos (63%)
Downloading ring tones (56%)
Picture messaging (MMS) [51%]
Playing games (51%)
Surfing the internet (22%)
Teeniez also expressed their frustration about getting mobile phone connectivity and a whopping 78% confessed that they are always on the look out for more effective and reliable connectivity. Teeniez also said they wanted to have the ability to surf the Internet or download music via their mobiles and 14% wanted to be able to own a mo’phone that has 3G technology to facilitate easier surfing.
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