Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why MP's Should NOT Pay Tax

Our MP's are a reflection of our society. Your MP is a reflection of you. You vote for an MP because he/she is vocal, visible and literally 'in your face.' You vote for an MP because he/she makes a lot of noise; noise that resonates 'positively' with you. Or perhaps you are one of those people who vote for an MP because he addresses the 'issues' - through full page newspaper ads, billboards, radio commercials and TV ads.In essence, what you are really voting for is an individual with the resources to market himself. You are voting for someone with the money to tell the world, "look at me, I have a lot of money. Take me to parliament and I'm gonna continue making more money thanks to you!"Have you ever, for one second, considered the developmental input of a candidate before casting your vote? Remove all the newspaper stories, the TV clips and the radio interviews, and look at this candidate from a constituency-level perspective. Does this individual have a track record of actively participating in constituency level development at a grassroots level? Am not talking about going to donate money to fund the digging of a borehole. Anyone can do that! Ask yourself; does this person actually sit down with community leaders, stakeholders and constituency's private sector to identify critical challenges (not issues-issues aren't tangible, and they are simply just talk!) that need to be addressed and map out a plan on how your constituency can meet these challenges? I mean, really engage the community, its leaders, local government and the private sector at a grassroots level to actually come up with homegrown solutions?And if this candidate actually engages the community to seek for solutions to the challenges your constituency faces from the grassroots up; does he have a track record? Is he consistent in such endeavours? Is he dedicated to the cause? Is he passionately involved in improving the lives of the community? Is it his calling?
Note my emphasis; consistency and unwavering dedication to meeting the challenges his constituents face everyday.If this person, this candidate as it were, is engulfed with the spirit to meet these challenges, I hardly doubt if MP's paying taxes will be an issue to him. He will be focussed on what his passion has always been.
Do you ever consider such candidates? Do such candidates even exist?

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