Monday, March 02, 2009

Kenya’s Top Musicians Just Like Politicians!

Kenya’s youth have been extremely loud in clamouring for young leadership. But as you already know, the old guard ain’t letting go of their political stewardship just yet. Moving away from politics, I want to be the first kijana to clamour for more youthful representation in the current music scene. The old guards are just hogging too much of the limelight and cashing in on all the loot!
You don’t have to be an Iranian nuclear scientist to know that young musicians make the global music industry go round. A quick glance at the hottest artists globally will make you realize, save for the grandpa’s Jay Z, Diddy, et al, the players making the industry go round are all like 25 and under.
Zoom into to Kenya and the situation is the exact opposite. The hottest, highest earning players in the music scene right now are all dinosaurs (at least by music showbiz standards). By ‘young’ I mean artists under the age of 23 (in the music game, anyone in their mid twenties and over is a very old person). Seriously, think about it; all the artists making all the loot right now are old! JuaCali, Nameless, DNA, Madtraxx, Mejja, Nameless, Abbas the Kubaff, Wyre, Wahu, Amani…most are pushing 30.
So what’s happening to all the young cats who are supposed to be jostling for top honours but are nowhere to be seen? That’s a question ‘I’d like someone to answer.

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