Friday, March 06, 2009

Chris Bizzy Didn’t Apologize For 9 Days

It took Chris Brown nine days to apologize to girlfriend Rihanna for allegedly beating and biting her. That stunning account comes from the Los Angles Police Department officer's notes about what happened between the two pop stars on the night of February 8th. According to the report released on Thursday, Rihanna’s assistant received a text message from Brown on February 17th apologizing for what he’d done and saying he was going to "get help."
What either one of them did for the interceding nine days is unknown. But the report of what the police feel happened on February 8th is clear. If the charges are true, not only should Rihanna not be with Brown, but he needs more than "help." He needs punishment.
According to the police report, Brown not only "lost it" with Rihanna, but became what can only be termed enraged and psychotic. It’s impossible to imagine Rihanna, who only an hour before this happened had been the belle of Clive Davis’s Grammy ball, ducking and trying to protect her face as Brown mercilessly beat her inside a car.
The initial assault was prompted by Rihanna objecting to Brown receiving a three page text message from a former lover. (The grapevine is rife that Paris Hilton was the sender. There’s still no confirmation of that.)
Brown didn’t care for Rihanna’s opinion, and tried to push her out of the car. When that didn’t work, Brown, according to Rihanna, "took his right hand and forced her head against the passenger window…causing an approximate one inch raised circular contusion. He then started punching her with his right hand as he drove. "The assault caused [Rihanna’s] mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle." Brown’s assault continued, painfully, for some time until Rihanna was able to grab his car keys and get out.
I send this message to little Reh-Reh. No matter how many hit records you have, or fleeting fame, it’s now your parents’ and family’s responsibility to you come to terms with what happened. You’re a role model for young people. You gave this statement to the police. Pictures of your bruised and bloodied self have been widely disseminated in the media. If you don’t testify against Brown, put him in jail, and show a sense of self-respect, then you deserve to lose your career and the power that comes with it. For your own sake, and for the millions of girls who look up to you, this is a pivotal moment.
And the 9 days? Isn’t that a hint that Chris Breezy feels nuthin’ for you?! You…forget it.
Mojo Sojo

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