Monday, March 02, 2009

American Idol Season 8 Heats Up

I apologize for not updating on the hottest TV series’ out there, but am glad to let you know that BootlegTV is back in full effect.
For those reality show lovers, you’ll be glad to know that the hottest show is now on Season 8. In fact, American Idols Season 8 has endelead so much, we’re now down to 36 contestants. So I guess you ain’t too late to catch up with the show before the competition gets cut throat.
Heroes Season 4 opens this week, so I would best advice you chill for about a month before I can update you on the status of the show. That will also give you enough time for the shows to be available online for your personal download.
There’s also a new character in Heroes Season (Volume 4)! Zeljko Ivanek stars Danko 'the Hunter', a ruthless villain sent to track down and capture anyone with special powers--and that includes our favourite heroes. The episode, A Clear and Present Danger, catches up with the heroes as they flee from the new breed of baddies, led by their old ally Nathan Petrelli.
The fourth volume, which many fans are hoping will return the show to its former glory, has seen the return of the first series' creator Bryan Fuller, who rejoins the team as a consultant. I think it’s about time coz yenyewe if this season of Heroes doesn’t shika like the first two seasons, it could be downhill from there.

What other shows will BootlegTV be focussing on in coming weeks?
  • Lost
  • Prison Break
  • Gossip Girl
  • One Tree Hill
  • 24

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