Wednesday, March 04, 2009

FHM Releases Sexiest 100 Women List

Popular American men’s magazine FHM, has released its famous Sexiest 100 Women list. Topping the chart is American 21 year old actress, Megan Fox. Battered Re-Re checks in at #14, and God only knows how the readers of FHM could give Kim Kadashian more votes than Beyonce! Whatever. Anyway, check out the top 20 (and Halle Berry didn’t make it either)…

20. Beyonce Knowles
19. Ali Larter
18. Cameron Diaz
17. Kim Kardashian
16. Lindsay Lohan
15. Erica Durance
14. Rihanna
13. Eva Mendes
12. Angelina Jolie
11. Hayden Panettiere
10. Kate BeckinsalE
9. Blake Lively
8 Tricia Helfer
7. Hilary Duff
6. Emmanuelle Chriqui
5. Scarlett Johannson
4. Elisha Cuthbert
3. Jessica Alba
2. Jessica Biel
1. Megan Fox

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