Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Massive Opera Mini Growth in Kenya

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Opera Mini browsing jumped 12.1 per cent in January 2009 over the previous month. The Norwegian firm's latest The State of the Mobile Web report shows that its user base is up to 20 million uniques, and that monthly page views increased 18 per cent to 7.6 billion web pages in the same time period. Data transfers were also up 18 per cent from December 2008, with Opera Mini generating more than 122 million MB of data for operators worldwide.And the country which led the growth chart? You really deserve a prize if you guessed Armenia, whose usage jumping more than 2800 per cent. Nigeria was second, with 1854 per cent. Other notable countries include: Egypt (1391 per cent), Philippines (570 per cent) and Kazakhstan (419 per cent). Kenya isn’t too far behind and comes in 16th globally and 4th on the continent after South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria with a 184.3% growth.

What’s All The Fuss About Opera Mini?
Not only is the Opera Mini browser the most popular mobile phone browser in the planet, it’s the most powerful browsing experience currently available. It works on entry level standard cell phones, Blackberry devices, Symbian cell phones and Windows Mobile devices. Using a mixture of cutting edge technologies and mainstay standards, the Opera Mini browser allows users to download faster, render pages more quickly, and navigate pages with more precision and ease of use. By using Opera servers the browser is able to display pages that pass through an Opera server in an easy to read display output.

The next time you want to browse the internet via your mobile phone, why not try the Opera Mini 4.1 browser, I promise you that you’ll not be disappointed.
To download Opera Mini 4.1

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