Saturday, August 22, 2009

What’s The Fuss About Size 8 Girls?

The Linet & Raudy joint “Size 8” is off the hinges! By the way, lemme digress kiogo: The Kendi and Mejja video for the track “Mwanisema” is hilarious. But ain’t all videos that feature Mejja? Quite honestly, Mejja needs to style up and come up with his own TV show...I mean, he’s funnier than everyone on KTN’s “Hawayu” show...enough of digressing.

The “Size 8” track is getting major rotation both online and on TV, but have you ever thought to think what’s all the fuss about “size 8’s?” Especially as Africans, we’re definitely not endowed to be Size 8’s. Oh dear, again I digress. Before I go on ranting and raving about ‘Size 8’s” – what is a SIZE 8 in the first place? In this particular case, the word “size” refers to the body measurement or dimensions given to women. These body dimensions take into consideration women’s most “valuable” assets...yaani, the boobs, waist and kiuno. So what are the dimensions of a size 8?

Bust: 32

Waist: 25

Hips: 34

Back to my rant; it’s pretty obvious that a Size 8, unlike in the West, isn’t the ideal size for a really hot African chiquitta. So if it ain’t; what size is? What’s the perfect size for the African beauty?

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