Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Humiliation of Caster

The opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone (Mojo Sojoh), and here's my take on the now infamous 'Caster Saga.' First and foremost, as I Kenyan I know that should SA athlete Caster Semenya lose her 800M World Title, then the gold would go to our own super athlete Janeth 'Eldoret Express" Jepkosgei. However, I have always been of the opinion that a victory is always sweeter when you win it outright, and not when it is "handed" to you. That said, I'm appalled by how athletics governing body, IAAF, has handled the entire issue. First and foremost, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. If there were doubts about Semenya's gender, then the IAAF should've dealt with the matter discreetly and contacted both Semenya and South Africa's version of 'Athletics Kenya' directly. When athletes are busted of being drug cheats, are there speculations flying about everywhere? No. People may be suspicious of an athlete because they may be performing spectacularly well (we all love Usain Bolt, but I bet there's no one on the planet who hasn't speculated that he's on some Jamaican concoction - especially the Americans). So how come the media isn't rife with stories that Usain Bolt is a drug cheat? Dude went from having a personal best time of 10.03 seconds in 2007 to being a sub 9.58 in less than 2 years... That seems pretty suspicious to me. Additionally, how many well built, flat-chested, deep voiced, facial hair-having female athletes are out there? Well, a huge majority of all professional female athletes look pretty masculine to me. So how come the media's buzzing about Semenya's gender? I don't want to speculate but I suspect it has to do with the world being more comfortable with Africans as underachievers. Africans cannot achieve extraordinary things in the shortest time possible. And if we do achieve extraordinarily, because we're inherently corrupt, we'd have to accomplish such a feat through unfair means. Again, I'm just speculating... So let's all just end this speculation about Semenya until the facts speak for themselves please.

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