Friday, March 27, 2009

Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

Every time the topic comes up, one thing is for certain; no one agrees on who the greatest Kenyan MC or rapper of all time is. But we all agree that it’s time we settled this once and for all. So we at The Insyder have decided to take the debate to the people, to you – the fans. The Insyder Presents…The Greatest MC Battle, an interactive, World Cup/FA Cup, knockout-style tournament pitting the 64 top MC’s, dead or alive, against each other in a head-to-head competition: All this to determine who you believe to be the best in game ever.
The first round of voting jumped off with the commemoration of the 5th death anniversary of E Sir in March. Votes opened on March 1st, 2009. There will be a total of 5 rounds, with each round lasting one month. Winners of each match up will be determined by your vote either through an entry form found in The Insyder or online through
There are four pools/groups into which all the MC’s have been placed into. Each of those four groups represent the colours of our flag i.e. Red, Green, Black and White.
Select any one of them to begin voting. You can vote once or as many times as you like. At the end of four months, we’ll crown a king or queen, and the winner will be announced in our July issue.

The Pools
Who is the Greatest Kenyan Rapper Ever? We're tired of guessing, so The Insyder has created an elimination competition to let you, the reader, decide once and for all just who is the best rapper ever. There are 32 names, but in the end, there will only be one. Who will it be? That's for you to decide by ticking (or clicking) next to the name of the rapper you prefer in each match-up. Come back every month to see who made the cut and moved on to the next round.
The Bloods (Red Group)
The Commandoes (Green Group)
The Peace Makers (White Group)
The Peepz (Black Group)

The Pots
Just like in the World Cup or FA Cup, the top teams only meet in the latter stages of the competition. In The Insyder’s Greatest Kenyan Rapper Ever, this will be no different; we will seed MC’s according to their lyrical prowess. This means that MC’s will be categorized according to their rhyme-spitting and hit making abilities, so as the illest one’s don’t meet in the early rounds. Thus, we will have eight POTS consisting of four MC’s each.
Keep it locked right here as next we'll reveal the draw for the toughest MC battle ever...

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