Friday, March 27, 2009

Greatest MC Battle: Round 2 Begins

Jimwat, Frasha, Jahmani Eliminated in Round 1!
At first, we didn't think we could do it; compile a list of at least 64 of the illest MC's in Kenya to ever bless the microphone, and pit them against each other in an FA Cup style, head to head battle. So our team of dedicated hip hop enthusiasts spent many hours, discussing and listening to Kenyan beats going way back to the early 90's. Way back when we had BMW and Fundi Frank (then we figured that's way too 'way back') - most readers of The Insyder wouldn't even know who those are. So we decided to limit our list to 1995-when Kenya's hip hop really got a definitive vibe and identity.

Forward to April 2009 and we're already into Round 2 of The Insyder's Greatest MC Battle. After receiving almost 3,500 votes, we've cut down the list of 64 to 32!! And there are some real shockers; some of the MC's expected to make it to the next round were felled by underdogs (or is it undercats?)

The drama is all unfolding in the April issue of The Insyder. You've got to grab your copy to find out...check out the results from the GREEN GROUP below. The MC's who made it to Round 2 are highlighted in pink and you'll be surprised at those who didn't make it...

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