Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Gospel According To Pilsner

This storo has been kulaing my kiongoz for a minute and I feel I can't hold it back any longer. It's got to do with the recently concluded Pili Mfalme DJ competition.
First of all, congratulations are in order; mad shout out to DJ Krowbar for lifting the Pili Mfalme DJ competition crown. You that best! No doubt son.
Back to the issue at hand: After touring the country for kindu like 5 months, the DJ competition finally culminated on December 27th, with DJ Krowbar emerging the overall winner. The win by DJ Krowbar no doubt presents a moral dilemma for both the Pilsner brand and the winning DJ.
Why? DJ Krowbar proclaims to be a born again Christian. He is popularly known for spinning the digital tunes with K Krew (Kubamba Krew), one of the most popular contemporary gospel DJ’s in the country. Krowbar's skillz on the 2's & 3's are not in any doubt whatsoever, he's one of the finest DJ's in the land. It's just that these two questions beg...let me rephrase, are wailing for answers;
1) is DJ Krowbar, his DJ outfit, church congregation members and church head (pastor) comfortable with participating (let alone winning) in an activity that promotes an alcoholic beverage and the nightclub beer-guzzling culture? Does Krowbar have have a clear conscience about being associated with a culture that drives people away from the gospel, rather than towards it?
2) how does a ‘sin’ product like Pili market an individual who publicly proclaims to be a born again Christian? The DJ has publicly stated that he’ll not play secular music whenever he’s on the road with the alcoholic beverage brand (contractual obligations may dictate he has to play whatever they (Pili) tell him to play - he took their prize didn't he?) – so it remains to be seen how Pili will engage a nightclub audience that predominantly consumes secular hits. Despite trying to put on a brave face, this scenario’s going to be a tough nut to crack for Pili's marketing team and DJ Krowbar.

Krowbar, I luv the way you hold it down on the decks and I gat nuthin' but mad respect for your skillz, but you know that ever since you entered the competition, this question's been a long time comin' dude. Hala at me and let me know what you think bwoy.
Mojo Sojo

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