Monday, September 15, 2008

Too Much Of Anything, Especially Politrix, Is Hazardous!

For a country that went through one of the darkest moments of its short history during the past General Elections, isn't it a pity that politicians are already talking of presidential elections just 8 months after our bloodiest one!! If these politicians put in as much effort to deliever on their pre-election promises, as they do in their bids to become presidential candidates for the 2012 presidential elections, our Vision 2030 will be achieved before the next General Election! Is it just me or doesn't this country deserve politicians who focus on what needs to be done today, instead of concentrating on their political ambitions for the day after tomorrow?
Here's what I think should be done; with the new political parties law coming into place, it should cost about KShs. 50 million to register a political party. Furthermore, a party should get a least 10% of Kenya's population to give it a go-ahead to be registered i.e. 3.5 million signatures. Additionally, political parties should pay an annual fee of about KShs. 5 million. There, I said it! 50 million bob registration fees for political parties. What say you?

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