Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Prezzo Health Rumours Hit Town!

As I was writing this, Prezzo was allegedly in ICU last night fighting for his life...The Nairobi grapevine has been abuzz with unconfirmed wives tales of Prezzo's health - or rather ill health. According to our informants around the Casa-B area, Prezzo has been MIA (Missing In Action) since last week. Cats in the hood have been trying to locate the MC's whereabouts, but to no avail. The last couple of days have been filled with rumours of Mr. Makini's health and subsequent 'admission' to a leading Nairobi hospital. The rumours were sparked off after Prezzo was allegedly seen been rushed into the prestigious hospital last Friday. The flames of these rumours were further fanned, when cats in Nairobi started dedicating songs to Prezzo on radio last night. This morning, phones were jammed and SMS messages flying all over as fans started questioning Jackson's whereabouts. By 9am this morning, the city was in virtual panic mode, and obituaries were just about to be scripted. This blogger tried in vain to reach Mr. Ngechu - as he was 'mteja.' Nothing unsual there; it's a habit of most of Nairobi's celebrities to be unavailable when you need them to comment on something urgent.

This blogger finally got word from Prezzo's security detail that the MC was indeed admitted at a local hospital, but was released this morning. The cause of admission?
According to my source - Malaria. This blogger will continue to try and get in touch with the MC, but as for now, I wish him a quick recovery. Rudi ndani booth mseiya!

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