Friday, February 16, 2007

Why ‘Lost’ Has Lost Steam As A TV Show

Reports reaching this blog indicate that popular drama series ‘Lost’ crashed in the ratings this week, hitting an all-time low for a new episode. The American Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC) drama about plane crash survivors stranded on a mysterious island drew an estimated 12.8 million viewers. That was well off the peak of more than 20 million for the drama that became an instant sensation when it launched in September 2004. ABC has worked hard to try to protect a show that helped turn the network's fortunes around, moving it to 10 p.m. on Wednesday’s this year, to steer clear of Fox's blockbuster "American Idol" and CBS's increasingly strong "Criminal Minds." After all is said and done, there's no question that "Lost," once riding big ratings, buzz and cachet, has lost significant ground. This is no different in Kenya, “Lost” seems to have lost the plot and is becoming more confusing and moving further away from answering the question to the island’s mystery. That’s why I insist that 5 seasons later, 24 is still the number one TV series in Kenya's DVD bootleg market. And that Season 5 of 24 is the best ever produced (better than even Season 2 and 3).
I also insist that there's no reason for TV stations spending lots of cash bringing us old episodes of popular TV series like 24 and Lost coz we've all watched them by the time they hit the local TV stations (thanks to bootleg DVD's, of course). What say you?

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